Sales Leader Needed

The Stoddard Agency is seeking an experienced sales LEADERSHIP professional with management and sales training experience to build local and remote teams.

We offer a partnership-level pay structure, straight commission, residual pay plan, and are looking for a long-term business relationship with expansion and growth opportunities. You will receive an override on all recruited sales team members with residual income.

We sell high-tech marketing and lead generation solutions to law firms. We have exclusive licenses, proprietary technology, and data that set us apart from the vast majority of marketing agencies.

We are a full-service marketing agency, with a variety of partnerships. An example of one of our products is Behavioral Targeting data that allows our clients to identify who is in the market for what they sell, and therefore giving them a competitive advantage. We can do full-service lead generation for our clients and wholesale lead sales, site-visitor identification for multi-channel online and offline marketing applications, as well as a variety of other solutions, to drive top-line revenue for our clients.

You must be familiar with, comfortable with, and have a proven track record for long sales cycles, masterful follow-up strategies, high-ticket sales, and strong relationship-building skills. Mastery of phone sales, teleconferencing and screen sharing technology required.

A background in working with law firms or any pre-existing relationships in the field is a plus.

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