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How To Get a Better Response from Your Real Estate Seller Leads

The way to get a better response from your leads is to call them fast.

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As a real estate agent, you must have a new lead generation system that produces high-quality leads using in-market targeting. This new type of lead generation system targets the top 3% of the sales funnel, those who are looking and ready to buy—they are the needles in the haystack. One popular method is simply to use Facebook’s AI, using custom audiences to create look-like matching audiences. This allows us to find these creme de la cremes of real estate seller leads. Today I am teaching you strategies on how to get a better response from your leads, increase conversions, and lower client acquisition costs.

How to Get a Better Lead Response from your Real Estate Seller Leads
InMarket Targeting for Real Estate Seller Leads

Hey guys, Jesse Stoddard here doing another Facebook live on the old Stoddard Agency page. So I wanted to give you all an update on how to get a better response from your leads and your lead generation efforts. I’ve got a great story for you today. Yesterday I was hanging out with my buddy Phil at North Pacific Mortgage, whose a client of mine. I did some marketing work for them, created a video, help them with their website, that review generation or review requests and managing reviews and listings and all the boring backend technical SEO stuff and did a little bit of that stuff, to help them out, get the foundation. However, that’s not the cool part. The cool part is when we started the lead generation process. Right now we’re using Facebook and getting pretty darn good results of that. We use in market targeting data, which means that we get lists of the people that are actually in the market, to begin with.

So we didn’t bother showing ads to people that are a waste of time. We do the look-like matching audiences through Facebook’s AI after that, we use AI to analyze data, put it in Facebook, Facebook’s algorithm works to make it, to expand that audience and boom, it’s a great two one punch. It’s a lot different from any other lead gen. If you’re interested in lead generation, help by the way, and especially if you’re a real estate agent or if you’re in the real estate industry, go to Get leads first because you need leads first before anything happens. Also, you want to get to them first before your competitors. So it’s If you want general help or you’re another kind of business, then at

By the way, either link will take you to the same place cause you can go through the menu and find stuff. So, all right, now to the story. So I go to the office yesterday to, cool guys in Bothell. If you’re looking for a mortgage or refinance, go to those guys. They’re outstanding. They’re very professional, and they know their stuff. You know, a lot more than me. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t get it. They know how to get the rate, shop around and get good rates. It’s not just about the rates; it’s about the service though in the speed because you can shop rates and end up with just a horrendous process. I was through it years ago, been through a horrendous process with a bank. It was terrible.

So, would rather skip all that. I don’t care if I say .003% or something. It’s not worth it. I’d rather have really, really good service and really fast and painless. So those guys are fantastic for that. Well, I’m sitting down with them cause I’m saying, hey guys, I’ve got this new lead generation system, and it works. We’re using Facebook right now; we might use some other platforms in the future. We’re not stuck with anyone platforms. Very cool. Also, what we’re doing is we are running, we’re taking data in market targeting data, and we’re running it in a particular way with Facebook. I get into that on my page. If you want to know all the details, go to, and I explain it all. Then basically we get somebody to fill out a form who’s looking for more information.

So these guys are trying to wrap their minds around it, and they think it sounds cool, but they are a little skeptical. We tried to leads in the past, we’ve done the Zillow, we’ve done the CINC, we’ve done the Boomtown, we’ve done the whatever, all these companies. It’s just garbage. There’s just a lot of, I mean, it’s not terrible. I’m not saying that those companies are bad, I’m just saying that they didn’t have a good experience with those companies in terms of the quality of the lead. They follow up with a hundred of them, and you don’t even get one. I mean that’s no fun. So at the same time, the owner, Phil, he sits down with us, and he says, oh, by the way, we just got one. Like we just, we got a loan out.

It was the sixth lead of our mind that came in, and that looks pretty good to the loan officers. Now they’re like, what? You know, it must be a fluke. I said, well, may or may not be. I mean, I don’t expect results that fast. It might take a little time, but we’re using this data, and we’re doing a good process, that does make a difference. Whom you put in front of and what you say does make a difference. It’s not just the ad, the fact that you have an ad, it’s quality. So might make a difference. I’m just saying. So they get this one and not only is this six lead that comes in there or not? No, sorry, it was the ninth, I think it was technically the ninth.

It’s still within like the first handful of real estate seller leads, the first couple of days and barely been doing it a week. The gal is ready to go, loan application. I don’t know how much it was for; I think he said $500,000, don’t quote me on that. However, she wants to do the process and then she’s looking for a realtor and because of the positioning, not only of our ads and because of this first person being in market and wanting help now and the mortgage company being very good at helping people now and being on top of it.

Strategies on How Maximize Your Real Estate Leads

1.) The way you get a better response from your reak estate seller leads is you call them fast.

You can use automation like texts and email. That’s great. That fills in the gaps, and it makes sure that nothing falls through. Like in case you’re in a meeting, and you can’t get to him, but whenever you can, get somebody on a phone call. Studies show and I’ve got a great study if you need to you can put, “send me the study” in the comments here or something and I can send you a link to the study that they did with millions.

I mean this is a major, number of participants in this process with lots of different leads, so it’s statistically relevant. Now happened to be for the testing for enrollment in a school like a college program, but it applies to almost everything. It was the speed of that first call or calls and how you follow up, and they show that if you follow up within one to five minutes of somebody filling out a form requesting information, your closing percentage goes up nearly 400%. That’s a big deal by the way. They did some other study where they called somebody like several times in the first few hours, and then they laid off them. They waited a few days and did a little bit more. They showed the whole process, and there’s cool when to call when to email when to text.

It was immaculate. So I’d model it if I were you. Were starting to model that too with the mortgage company. Again, just if you’re curious to see how I do all of this stuff, go to I go through the whole thing in terms of the lead generation process, if you wanted to follow up a system and write in the comments that you want me to send you the report on how to follow up and I will, I’ll send you that link. I’ll put it in the comments at some point. All right, now, while they’re sitting there. Now here’s the second part of that story, which is even cooler and I’m going go backtrack a little bit.

The whole reason that my buddy Phil, one of these leads, yes, they want to grow their business, but it had a different secondary purpose. He wanted to get enough to where he could send real estate seller leads to real estate agents and real estate brokers. So here’s why. Typically in the business, the real estate agents send most of the leads to the broker. So it doesn’t go the other way around very often. Because the agent gets the first contact and then they say, hey, you need to get pre-qualified. You know, and we need to get you to work with the guy on my team or gal on my team, and they’re cool. So then they tried it, that referral and it’s harder. It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t happen as often for the mortgage broker to send them to the agent.

However, the agents always want referrals back from them. So what Phil wanted is he wanted the opportunity to send more referrals to his partner agents or new agents so that they feel that stronger bond and want to send even more back his way. Well so cool. Cause this lady wanted help, and he hooked him up with his partner. A real estate agent who’s an excellent agent follows up fast. Again important, right? The fast followup. If he did not, he did. Oh my gosh. I’m getting a text. “First lead in called within about a minute.” Oh my. That’s from the guy I’m talking about. So this is the other part of this story is that the agent is also my client. So my client is getting a lead that day from a lead that I produced for the mortgage broker who sent to him.

He’s sending, oh my gosh, I’ve got one of your leads. However, it wasn’t even for me. So now the lady wants to buy the day, and they put, they put two different offers out already and today and it might come even close. So he just sent me a text. I wonder if I can see the text without losing the line with that. So that’s cool. That’s cool. I love that. I love that. I’m going to get to him in a second here. So the lesson again is follow up fast. Also, the second lesson, I don’t know if you picked up on it, is to make sure you have referral partners ready to go. Not just any referral partner. You need to have a power partner who knows their job, and they have to be able to follow it fast. The speed to the lead is the key.

I need to come up with a better rhyme. But the speed to the lead, it leads to being free. I don’t know. That’s dorky. Got to come up with some better. If you can come up with something better, leave it in the comments for me. So that the lessons there is speed to lead is huge. The followup system matters. Leave in the comments if you want more detail on that. Also, having a referral partner who’s good at what they do, provides value plus great customer service, but most importantly, speed to the lead, right? Moreover, he’s also willing to be fast. That is what my Buddy Ryan did. That’s why they got, and the confidence that instills because here’s somebody that you think about this from. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, if you’re looking to buy anything for that matter, I mean it doesn’t matter.

You can be looking to fix your roof. You’d be looking for a new dentist. It doesn’t matter. Think about it, if you’re online and you’re searching, especially if we know how this is a little extra trick with the in-market targeting data. We know that you’re doing this for a while and you’ve gotten to the point where you’re red hot ready, and you’re in that 3% of any market who’s ready to buy the top little bit of the pyramid. Whereas 97% quite aren’t ready. There’s 30% don’t even care, aren’t even looking, and another 30% is curious, but they’re just hemming and hawing and kicking tires and then there’s a little bit more that are getting close. Then there’s like 3% that already, so you know who those people already show ads to them.

You think you’re more likely or less likely to get a response, a better response or a lower quality response. Now, if you’re an ad person and you’re used to this stuff, do you think your cost per click, your advertising cost is going to be higher or lower? If it’s in that top 3% the answer is, and put it in the comments, but you probably guessed it. It’s lower. Yeah, because Facebook and Google are relevancy engines, which means that they want to show an ad they want to show content to people who engage with it and if no one engages it, it kind of looks like, well it’s not as exciting. I’m not going to show it as much. Alternatively, if it’s an advertisement that you’re paying for, it’s going to cost you more to get them to engage. So that’s the keyword.

So if you are already putting your ads in front of people that are interested in beginning with, chances are they’re going to engage with that ad, which means that you’re going to get a lower cost per click and Facebook’s going to reward you by showing it even more often. So we’re starting with that. See the advantage here and then on top of that, if that person truly is in the top 3% like they’re like ready? Well if you’re right there and then now look it on the sales side, we get the form fill and then someone’s immediate with pleasant, not harassing, right? We’re not talking shark sales here, but just pleasant, friendly, helpful and right there and confident, well, what do you think’s going to happen? I would rather-everybody instead work with someone friendly and helpful that they trust, that is confident.

So if they say, well, you know, I think I might go with this real estate agent or that one and then you come in and say, well, I’ve got the perfect guy or gal for you that you need to use. Let’s see, or the mortgage broker and they can get this done quick, and they’re the best negotiator I’ve ever seen. Well, the chances are that person’s going to go, Geez, maybe I won’t go with my brother in law who barely does it part-time and doesn’t know what he’s doing. You know, maybe I will go. I mean, or they’re just ready to go no matter what. So that’s what happened here. It goes over to the real estate and real estate agents. Like I can help you with confidence. Now here’s another thing that happens. Sometimes that person’s second-guessing they got a loan out, but they haven’t closed the deal quite yet with the loan officer.

But the real estate agents like, Hey, no, you got to go with those guys. They’re great. I’ve worked with him for a long time. Here are the results they get. Here’s how great their customer services and they’re effective and they’re probably going to get you approved faster than just about anyone else because they’re going to go the extra mile. Well, guess what? They did that. They did go that extra mile did get the approval. Now the real estate agent has reinforced that, that you know that decision after the fact of going with the loan officer, kind of like sometimes people get that buyer’s remorse thing or something after we’re whatever. Well, now we’ve reinforced that was a right decision. So now the real estate agent is sending love back to the mortgage broker. Now it has to be justified. You wouldn’t want to use this to manipulate people in the wrong way.

You wouldn’t want to refer somebody. That’s terrible. So this is assuming I’m assuming that you’re good at what you do and you believe in what you do and you’re sending referral partners to people that, that know what they’re doing. I’ve got another text “Sean voicemails recording uploaded.” Okay, so then these are, that’s the mortgage guy’s texting me on this phone going, hey, we’re ready. We did all of our stuff. We’re prepared with the followups in as leads. So they’re itching for more. That’s awesome. Okay, so you, I think you understand there are many lessons here. Number one is targeting is essential and, and lead gen is brought in. By the way, if you want help with that, go, especially if you’re in real estate, go to Getleadsfirst.

First, because you want to get leads first before any sales process is going to be valuable to you because you’ve got to get leads to the practice it on. So he’d at-bats and a baseball season. My son’s in baseball couldn’t help that little analogy. It’s just like their at-bats got to get out. The other reason its is that you want to get there first before competitors because we know that anybody who gets them who’s quality, who’s good at what they do, that’s assuming that you are. But what sets you apart from others? They don’t know if anything sets you apart, so that’s why you need to be there first. You’re going to get there before competitors because that way you can show what you can give them your value proposition first and more frequently and by the way, you can do it at a lower cost because you know who they are, to begin with. The needles in the haystack if you want that go to

2.) Also, then the other lesson is to make sure you have not only speed, but you have a good referral partner.

I’ll call it a team because what if the person’s on the phone and they say, you know what, I need an insurance quote and you’re like, what does that have to do with what I do? Well, if you have somebody in there ready to go and they’re good, and you can vouch for them, and they won’t let you down, that’s the other thing. Got to be careful whom you trust with that you’ve got to know that they’re going to do a good job. Then you’ve got that incredible synergy, and it’s not a greed thing. It’s a giving thing because you’re helping the customer, you’re helping the client to solve problems. I want that. We all want as a client like if I want to go on by seller home or something, I want to work with the best that know the area that I’m going to, that specific neighborhoods or regions and they have friends that can help with my problems.

The last thing I want to do is deal with problems. We all have enough problems. I want solutions, and that’s how you do that. You’re fast, confident and you have great friends that can help you as a team to solve problems. That’s it for today guys. I’m so excited about this. I’ll keep following up with the results. That one is just one example among many and again, if you want to know more about this, go to, and I explained it all for real estate agents. This is the seller leads program, and if you’re another kind of business or that you know, you don’t care about the real estate thing, go to That’s, that’s the general link. If you’re listening to this, which I’m probably hoping some people are listening and not just watching maybe on the podcast, for example, a season one was all about attorneys. Now, this is season two, and I’m kind of if you notice I’m focusing more on real estate, so, it’s kind of exciting. So, all right guys, take care. We’ll talk to you soon.

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