What Are In-Market Personal Injury Leads and Why Are They the Best?

Personal Injury Leads for Lawyers
Personal Injury Leads for Lawyers

What we call In-Market Personal Injury Leads are real people who are "in the market" for what you have. They are actively looking for a personal injury attorney right now.

From a behavioral standpoint, we are tracking on a "people-based" level, as opposed to just anonymous visitors to a website, which is most of the kind of Internet marketing that salespeople are pitching at you.

If you have ever heard of Click-Fraud, you know that advertising online can be scary, since many your responses can be bots or competitors clicking on ads, or any number of other reasons that you end up not getting actual prospects to fill out a form or make a phone call.

With our system, this is no longer a concern, because we aren't attracting the bots, we are only attracting real people that have the potential to become your client.

We can recognize and run ads to people on a people-based level—and we can run those ads on any device, on any marketing platform, online or offline.

In-Market means that these people are actively looking to sign with an attorney, and we know from many, many data points and by studying common behaviors of people who have taken the same types of actions in the past. It is like reverse engineering the process. If we know someone called to hire an attorney, we can then retrace his or her steps digitally to find out what he or she did before taking action. When we do that with enough people (millions) with enough of the right kind of accurate data, we can determine commonalities and predict with high accuracy which is ready to sign up for an attorney next.

How do we know that they're actively pursuing? We're tracking people on a behavioral level, their navigation behavior, their keyword search behavior, and their campaign response behavior. We even can monitor their social media behavior, their mobile behavior, and their content consumption and transactional behavior.

We work only with legitimate, legal, ethical, and quality first-party data. We can get this data by purchasing a license (legally and ethically), following all regulations and doing everything above-board from providers, just like the big companies do. Large companies have been doing this for years, and we can now bring this data down to the small business law firm level.

The Most Highly Profitable Personal Injury Attorney Search Terms and Keywords That We Dominate For You

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  • accident attorney
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  • car crash lawyer
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  • truck accident lawyer
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By the way, if you were to try to buy this data yourself, it would be astronomically expensive to you (as well as time-consuming and technical). We have a type of co-op arrangement that allows us to spread the cost and we pass this cost-savings on to you. Not only are we doing all the work, but you are spending less money than if you did it yourself!

It isn't just about the data, however, even though it gives us an incredible advantage over our competitors (and yours).

It is also about the ads themselves, the platforms, the landing pages, the ad copy, the headlines, the pictures, and so much more. Creating successful and compliant prospecting funnels for personal injury attorneys usually takes a tremendous amount of work and many agencies will only do a part of this work or will charge you an arm-and-a-leg for something they have to test out and use you as their guinea pig.

We have all of these things in place, we continually improve them, and we are split testing every single facet of the process to make sure it gets results. They are 100% compliant, and you'll never have to deal with any of this because we have you covered. From your point of view, this is automated and hands-off.


How does our machine learning algorithm perpetually get you better results?

Use AI to improve your personal injury marketing results
Use AI to improve your personal injury attorney marketing results


With every single prediction of who's in the market, we're tracking the result of that if a prospect visits your website or fills out a form, our pixel fires. If you sign a new client, we compare that information as well. So there are three ways in which we're determining the success of our prediction, and that's the power of machine learning algorithms.

The algorithm tells us exactly who is in the market for what you have. We don't stop there; we track that person through the entire sales funnel from awareness, interest, research, looky-loo, opt-in, hand-raising, form-filling, phone-calling, all the way to sitting down with you and signing your agreement. We track that entire process.

Not everyone who clicks on your website fills out a form, and in the same way, not all people who fill out forms become accepted cases.

Every piece of feedback gives us more data so that our algorithm can recalibrate. We call this auto-optimization, which is a closed loop analysis, like a perpetual feedback loop that lets us know how our prediction is working. This process assures us that we're always getting quality targeting and that it is continually improving that targeting. There's no emotion; it's strictly empirical data.

The reason we do this is simple, you can't improve what you don't measure and what the pixel allows us to do—measure.

We get you more personal injury leads so that you can focus on what you are good at—Law.

Personal Injury Leads For Great Law Firms
Personal Injury Leads For Great Law Firms

It is also about the follow-up process with the personal injury leads. We create and split test marketing funnels that we continually improve which is a painstaking and challenging proposition. We are (legally and ethically, with permission), following up via email, text, and voicemail drops that are customized for your business to determine who the good leads genuinely are. Once we have a good one, we send it directly to your law firm.

We do the heavy lifting for you!

Probably the best part of all is the return on investment to your firm. If you know your numbers, you will immediately recognize our value proposition. You could try to have someone run ads for you via Google, Facebook, or continue to rely on lead sources like Avvo, Findlaw, Leading Response (LMS), and the like, but your ROI will be nothing compared to this, because you are either getting more expensive leads, or if they are low cost, they have terrible closing rates.

The key is to have a low cost per lead, and a high lead-to-accepted case rate (or high sales conversion rate).

What we offer is the highest quality leads at the lowest price.

I'm not spouting a bunch of rhetoric, either. Here are our numbers:

Note: These figures are improving all the time, as we gather more and more data and improve our ads, systems, and processes.

Cost Per Lead = $35 - $85
Average Case Conversion Rate = 5% - 10%
Average Cost Per Accepted and Signed Case = Only $400 – $800

We don't really have competitors, but if we did, how many of them do you think would have the guts to post these numbers?

If the average case is only worth $6,000 of revenue to you (and you know many of them are worth a lot more than this), then you just got a minimum of a 3X return on your investment!

If you could get a return like this in the stock market, you would be considered the best investor on the planet.

**DISCLAIMER** This is our average current calculations, but this is in no way a promise that you will get rich from doing this. There are always factors that we can't control. The area that you live might be a factor, or the actual market may change suddenly, there might be a major earthquake or other act of God. I don't know your business, and I don't know how hard you will work. For example, if you don't call the leads, you won't close any cases, and I can't control that, so please use common sense before making any investment.

Now, most law firms are going to have a 5%-8% lead to an accepted case rate overall in their lead generation process, including referrals, which close at much higher percentages! That means your typical online purchased prospects are going to be at the bottom of this percentage or even lower (3% to 5%).

Our leads close at 5% to 10% or better! Please note, this is not lead to appointment rate. These are accepted cases.

You'll also note that the cost per lead is only $35 to $85, which is inexpensive for most law firms, but even those that have achieved these types of low lead costs typically have to struggle with the personal injury case conversion rate, or they struggle with maintaining consistency of lead flow.

What we are giving you is BOTH. You get the high-quality leads, AND you get a consistent, steady stream of them.

The average cost per closed case is only $400 to $800, and that's the bottom line! How many agencies or marketing salespeople can give you numbers like this?

I am not offering you speculation. These are the real numbers. So the question is, are you willing to pay a measly $400 to $800 for a case that could potentially profit you $8,000? That's a 10X return! If you were able to get a 10X return in the stock market, you'd be the best investor who ever lived.

That's what we are helping you to do. We are helping you get a return on your investment. That's all business is. Putting in a dollar and getting back ten. Alternatively, in this case, putting in $400 to $800 and getting back $8,000.

Oh, and in case you think I am leaning to the conservative side of the estimate, I am. You and I both know that these cases might be in the tens of thousands of dollars or even six-figures. If this is the case, your ROI becomes ridiculous.

I am not here to shine you on—I have a simple proposition. You either see the value, and you are willing to give it a try, or you aren't.

Are you ready to dominate your marketplace and be the number one Personal Injury Law Firm in the region?

If what I am describing here resonates with you and you would like more information or get a quote, we offer free strategy sessions. There is no charge for these, and we focus on helping you with a good strategy.

We will have a conversation and discover how we can best help you. It is a chance to see if we can work well together.

If for some reason we aren't a good fit, you can keep whatever good plan we give you and be on your way. There is no hard feelings and no obligations.

We want to help you grow your law firm and have an easier time doing it!


Jesse Stoddard
Founder and CEO
The Stoddard Agency

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