Specialized Personal Injury Attorney SEO

We specialize in SEO specifically for personal injury attorneys and law firms.

The work required is similar to general SEO, with the exception that care must be taken to not only target the right keywords, perform all the typical onsite SEO, offsite SEO, technical SEO, but also to have quality article writing and blog writing at the level of sophistication that matches a prospective personal injury lead.

Auto-accident leads are particularly challenging for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they may or may not be well-versed in the myriad of options available to them and spend a great deal of time researching keywords that aren't relevant as they gain information early in the awareness stage.

To get auto-accident personal injury leads, we must master not only your general personal-injury-law-firm website authority but then dive deeper into long-tail keywords that are localized and specifically around the car accident subject.

Here are the most highly profitable personal injury attorney search terms and keywords that we dominate for you in your specific location:

  • personal injury
  • personal injury attorney
  • accident attorney
  • accident lawyer
  • car crash lawyer
  • car accident attorney
  • motorcycle lawyer
  • motorcycle attorney
  • truck accident lawyer
  • truck accident attorney

Personal Injury Attorney SEO
Personal Injury Attorney SEO

Here are some recent data around how well we have done with law firms in general, beginning with the accident and personal injury attorney web site SEO. You will see that are able to produce some of the best results in the market.

Niche Total Keywords Achieved First Page Percentage First Page
Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys 207 169 81.64%
Bankruptcy Attorneys 4 4 100.00%
Criminal Attorneys 52 51 98.08%
Family & Divorce Attorneys 55 52 94.55%
General Attorneys 91 81 89.01%

If you combine good SEO with InMarket Targeting, you have the best combination of digital marketing available. You can even get bundled pricing from us upon request.