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Stoddard Agency is a full-service marketing agency that supports entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals to dominate their market place using behavioral data, machine learning, and cutting-edge multi-channel marketing systems.

How To Find The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business

Let's face it; marketing and advertising can be scary. It can be daunting. It can be overwhelming, and it can be expensive (if you don't do it right).

We know that there are probably dozens – and maybe hundreds – of advertising media salespeople knocking down your door every day, all of them promising amazing results with their particular media solution and then trying to sell you something you didn't ask for on the backend.

The problem is that they know nothing about how to build comprehensive, multi-step, multi-media campaigns with the perfect message-to-market match. All they want to do is sell you their particular tool, which might not be the right media for you. A hammer doesn't do you much good when your goal is to saw something in half (or vice versa).

Most importantly, they can't promise anything, and most of them have NO IDEA how many leads they can get you, how much they will cost, or even if their work will have any impact whatsoever!

Many business owners don't know where to start, and some are flat-out clueless as to what they even need in their marketing toolbox.

local business leads and marketing for small business

Here's what makes us different:

Our full-service marketing and advertising agency become partners with you with one focus: To make you more money while giving you more freedom and less stress. We only succeed when you succeed.

  • We tailor all of our services specifically to your business vertical or niche. We are experts at helping you get more leads with all the most profitable keywords.
  • Our leads are actually in the market right now looking for an what you sell, we can identify them by name, and we have the data to back it up.
  • Our service doesn't rely on a "one-trick-pony" approach. We provide integrated solutions.
  • We don't try to sell you esoteric marketing tactics that you can't measure or hold accountable.
  • Our work doesn't result in you spending more than you can produce results to maintain. You can get positive ROI very quickly in most cases. We even have some clients that only pay AFTER we get the results (you must qualify for this offer).
  • Our work doesn't need, involve, or require you to spend all your time managing it. You can focus on what you do best. Marketing should grow your business, not become your whole business.
  • Working with us won't waste your money, become a big hassle, or consume too much of your employees' precious time.

Meet the Team

We at the Stoddard Agency dedicate ourselves to helping local business and entrepreneurs succeed. We aim to be the only marketing team you’ll ever need and to help you reach at not only growing your revenue and profits but also in helping you achieve your personal goals of more time freedom for the things that matter most to you.

Jesse Stoddard—Virtual CMO for Personal Injury Attorneys

Jesse Stoddard

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer and Lead Generation Specialist

Jesse helps great businesses get more clients, customers, and patients while increasing profits. He is your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer specializing in marketing strategy and customized marketing plans.

Loida Dofiles

Loida Dofiles

Project Coordinator

Loida is an expert in creating business and marketing plans for startups and small businesses, with years of experience in delivering clear, realistic, implementable and measurable plans that get people committed. Loida has traversed the highest zip line in South East Asia.

Denise Galasso

Denise Galasso

Content Creation, Writing and Editing

Denise is our resident professional writer, specializing in SEO and content branding.

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Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing manager or the bosses right-hand man or woman, we can offer some powerful online tools and analysis that will help you make better decisions.