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Most Home Services companies struggle with scaling and expanding into new service territories... but you don’t have to.

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The Fractional CMO for Home Services Contractors

Hi, I’m Jesse Stoddard, and I’ve been working with dominant multi-location home services contractors since 2017.

There is so much that I love about this industry—with the right marketing, you can lead the market, even if you’re smaller.

You see, most home services companies don’t address these issues:

  1. Auditing their current agencies to be sure they are getting what they are paying for (and achieving acceptable ROI).
  2. Holding all of their advertising accountable and measuring all lead sources. Calculating all the “marketing math” to find out Customer Acquisition Cost per media channel, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Sale, Referral Multiples, and Customer Lifetime Value… and then doing something with the information!
  3. Finding the right people to help them scale their business, expand into new service territories, cities, and states, and manage their “marketing machine.”

With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities. Here’s what you could accomplish instead…

  1. Rule your marketing and advertising agencies with an iron fist, exacting perfect control and getting consistent positive ROI.
  2. Develop an accurate lead tracking system that measures the results from all marketing efforts precisely.
  3. Developing the perfect team to help you grow your business quickly and effectively.

I’m here to help you scale, expand into and dominate new service areas and increase your customer lifetime value with a greater diversity of upsells with better, higher-paying customers.

I was Chief Marketing Officer (the highest C-level position available in any company that oversees revenue generation) of the number one Crawl Space and Attic Remediation company in the Pacific Northwest in 2017 and helped the Company go from 13.8 Million to 17.8 Million in one year.

I founded the Stoddard Agency at the end of that year. I helped dozens of clients significantly increase revenues, profits, customer lifetime value, and lower customer acquisition costs, thereby improving my clients’ businesses and freeing up the entrepreneurs and owners to have life on their terms.

I am currently working with a home-services contractor client going from locations in two states to nationwide expansion. We aim to dominate our niche and grow to over $100,000,000 in revenue within a few years.

You shouldn’t have to deal with agencies or media salespeople trying to fleece you or pull one over on you. You shouldn’t have to mess around with hiring and firing marketing novices, using your business as a stepping-stone to another career, and learning by making mistakes with your money. Instead, you should see a robust, integrated marketing system and a team that runs with or without your involvement to grow and expand your business consistently.

What is it like to work together?


I’m responsible for all your marketing outcomes. Each quarter you’ll see reports on what’s happening and the plan for the next quarter.

Positive Culture

I’ll create a positive, collaborative culture in your marketing team and delegate tasks to keep each person in their genius zone as much as possible.

Bottom-Line Focus

A great “marketing machine” needs to be well-oiled and fueled with high-octane fuel so that it spits out cash every day. In the end, it’s all about results. I am the ultimate marketing machine mechanic.

Crawl Space Remediation, Insulation Contractor and Pest Control

  • Jesse was CMO of the number one Crawl Space and Attic Remediation company of the Pacific Northwest in 2017 and helped the Company go from 13.8 Million to 17.8 Million in one year.
  • Managed vendor relationships and budget allocations.
  • Developed comprehensive business and marketing plan, built the marketing team, implemented strategies, and helped hire and coordinate with the sales team.
  • Helped expand into new cities and territories, coordinated with legal counsel to protect trademarks, and worked with a franchise consultant to present the opportunity for national expansion as a valid option for ownership.

What Our Clients Say


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Personal Injury Law Firm

  • Helped expand the firm during the difficult transition from $4M to $5M in revenue, using a strategic marketing plan
  • Worked with the in-house team to direct marketing efforts and delegation
  • Managed vendor relationships, especially SEO and digital marketing agencies
  • Ghost-wrote a book for lead generation, as well as to help promote the brand with credibility, authority, and celebrity appeal for the owners
I have worked closely with Jesse for over a year and have continuously been impressed with his professionalism, emphasis on communication, and skill-set. If your business needs a boost, or if you need help launching a new business, a call to Jesse at Stoddard Consulting would do you good!
James Hill
James Hill
Personal Injury Attorney at Russell and Hill PLLC

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We help businesses get more clients, customers, and patients. Stoddard Agency is a full-service marketing strategy consulting firm and digital marketing agency. We specialize in helping small and local businesses increase profits and decrease headaches. If you are an entrepreneur wanting a solution to grow in these turbulent times, you’ve come to the right place. Our firm handles everything from marketing strategy and planning, to project management and execution. We are experts in digital marketing, social media, and SEO. To learn more about how you can integrate all of your marketing systems and have a reliable, robust and comprehensive marketing plan to take your business to the next level, contact us.

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