Franchise Marketing Agency and Consultancy

We know how to make businesses grow through franchising.

Our franchise marketing agency and consultancy can help you grow your brand through franchising. We have the experience and tools to make your business grow, including:

  • A team of professional marketers, advertisers, franchise consultants, and media buyers who understand the ins and outs of franchising
  • The right technology and resources to help you scale
  • The knowledge needed to market your brand effectively across multiple channels, multiple media, and multi-step campaigns

The Six Pillars of Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing is different from the marketing of single-location businesses. There are six pillars of franchise marketing, and they are all equally important.

Advertising and direct mail are two examples of traditional offline methods that franchisees can use effectively to gain market dominance and positive ROI. Sales promotions, public relations, the internet & technology (which upgrades the former “five pillars of marketing” to six) also play an essential role in franchise marketing strategies by creating brand awareness among prospective customers.

When the mass exodus from traditional marketing happened years ago, everyone thought the old ways were dead. However, the loss of personal touch proved that the old ways still worked for franchisors and franchisees alike, causing a backlash in the industry. The real solution lies in a comprehensive approach to combining offline and online media.

The Internet is a new media, but time-tested, “old school” marketing principles apply. The franchise business model brings the added challenge of having multiple target markets. The Franchisor needs to create an entirely different set of campaigns and strategies to attract new franchisees and help build the brand for the franchisees. In contrast, the franchisee needs to attract new end-user customers in local markets. This requires a very sophisticated system and fantastic organizational and leadership skills.

Successfully marketing your franchise is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Our bespoke done-for-you or done-with-you marketing execution and support services are designed to help you master the critical elements of multi-location marketing and get the most out of your investment in advertising.

We have a proven track record of success in marketing for franchisors and their franchisees.

Franchise marketing is a unique and exciting challenge. A franchisor must market its brand to both franchisees and consumers but in different ways. Franchisors want to attract potential franchisees and need to make sure that current franchisees are getting the help they need. The Stoddard Agency, via a close relationship with top-level professionals in our network, has experience working with multi-location brands and knows how important it is for each location of your business to be successful on its own merits.

By combining the best of the traditional marketing methods and the modern high-tech marketing channels, we produce comprehensive business and marketing plans. These include the new six pillars of franchise marketing: advertising, direct mail, sales, promotions, public relations, and the Internet & Technology.

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franchise marketing

We partner with the top franchise consulting firms, partners, agencies, and brokers.

The Stoddard Agency has partnered with some of the industry’s top franchise consulting firms, partners, agencies, and brokers. We work with the best in the business and have a proven track record of success in marketing for franchisors and franchisees.

We work with highly regarded and well-established professionals like Rick Grossman, author of Entrepreneur Press’ Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business ( and “Small Business Stacey” ( level franchise

We also have great relationships with vetted digital agencies specializing in SEO and PPC specifically for franchises and multi-location businesses, including Curt Feather of and Keith Eneix and Tony Lael at

In addition to these great strategic partners, we work with various other top-level professionals, all experts in their respective fields, from video production to media buyers.

Franchise Marketing Experts

Our clients make our business successful, so we make it a priority to provide excellent customer service, both initially and throughout the life of your franchise marketing strategy.

We can also provide expert advice on how best to grow your business through advertising or marketing strategies, increasing awareness for an existing product line, or introducing something entirely new into the marketplace. We’re also available to make changes to the campaigns and strategies currently running on various networks to be optimized for better results. We’ll make recommendations based on how well they’ve been doing so far and what other campaigns have been performing well in similar markets (and why).

Our clients make our business successful, so we make it a priority to provide excellent customer service, both initially and throughout the life of your campaign. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you have about the progress of your marketing campaign. We also ensure that you receive regular updates on how things are going and will work with you until you are delighted with the results.

We know that implementing a successful franchise marketing strategy can be challenging for new businesses, but don’t worry! At the Stoddard Agency, we believe in our clients’ success and will do everything possible to help them achieve their goals.

Our agency is an experienced partner in multi-location marketing and can help you grow your business through franchising.

We’re here to help you grow your business. We work with both franchisors and franchisees to develop marketing strategies customized to each client’s unique needs, goals, and budget. As a result, we have increased the awareness of our client’s brands—and their sales—through traditional and digital marketing channels.