PPC Digital Advertising

A custom strategy, creative, design, and copy to drive traffic to optimized vertical-specific lead-generating landing pages and websites. This is best done as a part of our InMarket Targeting and InMarket Leads program.

Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising

Why Does It Matter?

We believe paid digital advertising is a foundational element to any company's marketing stack. It’s often the way consumers first discover your business, and learn more about the products and services you offer. Television, radio, and billboards aren’t going away completely… but they’re now being supplemented by things like search, display, social, and online video advertising. SEO alone is never enough.

  • Stay top of mind with Advertising.
  • Become the go-to expert in your field through your brand voice.
  • Drive real-world results: more phone calls, more website visits.


A custom strategy, creative, design, and copy to drive traffic to landing pages and websites that are at a lower Cost-Per-Click than any of your existing campaigns.

What's Included

You Get:

  • Instant visibility on Facebook and Google AdWords search network.
  • Target your audience, and pay for when they click.
  • Track your campaign’s performance with robust reports.
  • See real-world results, like more phone calls and website leads.