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32 Pearls Invisalign Provider Diamond

32 Pearls new location launch, digital growth, and pivoting through challenging times to the #1 Invisalign Provider.

From Bronze to Diamond Invisalign Provider in Less than a Year!

32 Pearls Dental Practice in Seattle needed new patients and an Invisalign marketing strategy that would set them apart from the competition. They needed brand new patients for dental renovation and good Invisalign candidates. They required a new plan that targeted the local marketplace, which is Tacoma and Seattle. They had a very limited website and needed a whole new customized digital marketing strategy to provide maximum outreach.

Once Covid-19 emerged, the marketing plan was redesigned by pivoting and helping patients realize the availability of emergency care. Constant communication through social media informed patients that the dental office followed the necessary CDC recommendations and protocols. 

Their target audience is King County families, children, teens, and adults who want cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

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Stoddard Agency Has Experience and Marketing Knowledge for Dentists

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For a dentist as strong and enduring as 32 Pearls is, they needed a good, strong marketing team. Dr. Mike Bilikas felt it was rare to find a person or group that had the digital marketing knowledge. That is why they hired Stoddard Agency. 

Dr. Mike knew that Stoddard Agency had experience and competency at marketing and was previously successful at attracting clients and building an extensive and expansive customer base for dentists.

Marketing Requirements

  • Marketing campaign needed to attract new patients for Invisalign and restorative dentistry to a new office location.
  • Pivot during Covid for emergencies and make patients aware that
  1. Office was open
  2. Emergency procedures were available
  3. The office followed CDC safety protocols and procedures
  • Better web presence for pediatrics
  • Convert viewers and web visitors into patients
  • Market to patients with dentist related anxiety

The Strategy

Social Media for Invisalign®

Dental patients want to know that their families will receive quality dental care at low costs. Social media blasts run weekly with rich text, attention-grabbing images, and video. Patients easily link to landing pages for free consultations. In less than a year, fourteen new patients arrived through social media.

  • Social Posts x2 week (Facebook)
  • Extended Reach (GMB, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)


32 Pearls has its own YouTube channel with regular content, updated videos, patient journeys, and unique content playlists to drive website traffic. They have two high-quality “Hero’s journey” commercial grade videos for YouTube and Facebook. Marketing included complete written scripts for our star dental team to read and perform. Marketing shot, directed, edited, and produced the videos. Updated videos run continuously for viewer conversion while the work on social media enabled 32 Pearls to heighten exposure and increase website traffic.

  • Google Ads (Adwords)/Display Network/YouTube
  • High-quality commercial-grade videos are written, produced, directed, edited, and posted on social media.
  • Links to website 
  • Updated videos added frequently

A straightforward and easy to follow “How to Clean Invisalign with Cleaning Crystals” video garnered almost 22,000 views and increased 32 Pearls online presence.

Conversion and SEO

32 Pearls provides limited Invisalign offers with sales below the average retail price. Consistent content creation provided SEO to build up over time with increased customer conversion rates and a return on their marketing investment. Forty-eight new patients found 32 Pearls through Google search. Thirty-one new patients arrived from the website and blogs.



The website with all updated dental services was promoted, complete with two articles a month to drive Invisalign campaigns or other office specials. The first page has a free consultation sign-up page and an Invisalign information page for leads and conversions for both locations.

Groupon, flyers, and print advertising

Groupon ads promote a discounted sale for Invisalign that initiated considerable success for 32 Pearls, producing 110 patients. That list continues to see an increase daily. Outspread local advertising attracted 120 more patients with mailed-out flyers. Exterior door signs also lured in 36 new patients. 1-800-Dentist brought nine patients.

Personalized content for patients with anxiety

Marketing communicated the needs of the patients dealing with patient fears through blogs and social media. 36% of the population fear going to the dentist. 12% have an absolute phobia. Patients must understand that dentists and dental teams know all about anxiety related to going to the dentist. Patients need to be eased and made aware that this particular dental team is proficient with the latest trends in comfort, cognitive-behavioral exercises for relaxation, and, if necessary, has access to sedation therapy.  Marketing efforts added newly updated pages to the blog.

Target Market Research

Family dentistry concerns the entire family, children’s first visits, and teens. Marketing ran ads from new audiences targeting results to nearby schools for Invisalign.

Researched a new audience targeting nearby schools for Invisalign

Increased Google Reviews

Flyers near the front office let patients know that their reviews make a difference. 

Seattle Google Review

Marketing to a Covid audience and still getting patients

When Covid hit, no one wanted to go to the dentist. However, emergency dental surgery was necessary, and offices were allowed to open for such circumstances, and patients needed to know. CDC safety procedures and office protocol post regularly. Blogs and regularly updated information pulled in patients.

The Results

Facebook Ads from March 2020 to July 2021

  • Leads 70
  • Client CPC $3.56

Google Ads from March 2020 to July 2021

  • Conversions 415
  • Client CPC $1.76

Awarded as “Top 1% Diamond Invisalign® Provider” in 2021


32 Pearls opened two successful practices and are in hopes of a third location. They are now the #1 Invisalign provider in the area and have filled their offices with ongoing Invisalign patients. The dental office is currently hiring more staff as growth continues.

Finding Solutions and pivoting business with a good news Marketing Agency.

Stoddard agency was able to help 32 Pearls survive and thrive throughout the government shut-down. The word was quickly out that 32 Pearls stayed in business and work would continue by pivoting towards a solution that worked for the clients.

Blogs and videos were added that increased customer awareness, making offers and spreading goodwill including interesting content on the Stoddard Agency website, Facebook, YouTube and other reliable means of customer communication.

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