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Business Plans and Marketing Strategy

Complete customized marketing plans and budgets that are tailored to your industry and business. Stoddard Consulting is a Marketing Strategy Consulting Firm that specializes in the creation of individualized advertising plans and budgets for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Strategy Plan, and Marketing Strategy Process

  • Deep-Dive Market Research and Planning
  • Marketing Strategy Engineering
  • Budget Analysis and Planning
  • Professionally Written Plan
business marketing plan

What is Your Marketing Plan?

  • It puts your money-making ideas down on paper so you can schedule them and make them real.
  • It is the most important part of your business plan because it has to do with acquiring and keeping customers for profit.
  • Because of this, it is the KEY to a positive future for your business.
  • It is what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • It includes EVERYTHING you can think of concerning marketing at a strategic level.
  • It helps you control your revenue, expenses, budget and Acquisition Cost
  • It is a “living and breathing” document that you can refer to often and teach your team and vendors so that they are on the same sheet of music with you.

How to Use Your Marketing Plan?

  • Be involved and read every single sentence of your plan and make sure it make YOU excited and that you approve of it.
  • Get very clear about your goals and make sure they are accurately represented in the plan.
  • Involve everyone in your company in marketing (because they are marketing all day long)
  • Revisit the plan no less than once per year to evaluate, update, and revise where necessary.
  • Make sure the key players on your marketing team (internally and externally) are living and breathing the document on a consistent basis.
  • Introduce advertisers to the parts of the plan that pertain to their projects.

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