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Attic & Crawl Space Insulation Contractor Marketing Case Study

Clean Crawls is the #1 attic and crawl space remediation, and restoration contractor in Western Washington. The extraordinary remediation contractor and pest control company inspects, cleans, and restores attic and crawl spaces. 

Customers refer to them as “an army of surgeons” due to their meticulous nature and outstanding work performance.

While Clean Crawls is a successful company, they felt stuck in their industry. They knew they could be doing more to drive revenue, but they weren’t sure how.

They were looking for someone that could help them increase revenue with customer growth. Their biggest pain point was having to manually manage the entire marketing and advertising process—from campaign set-up to campaign measurement—and there were just too many moving pieces for a company that specialized in crawl spaces but not marketing. They needed a way to streamline the whole process and streamline it quickly. They were asking for it to be done in a year!

In 2017, they hired Jesse Stoddard as their Chief Marketing Officer to develop a strategic marketing plan to improve the systems and processes of their marketing department.

Jesse Stoddard | Fractional CMO

As CMO, Jesse Stoddard developed a comprehensive business and marketing plan, built the marketing team, implemented strategies, and helped hire and coordinate with the sales team.

  • Created 60-page marketing plan
  • Created comprehensive budget
  • Optimized entire system from the ground floor
  • Found, recruited and hired sales manager
  • Coordinated with outside marketing agencies
  • Coordinated advertising and media purchasing
  • Produced radio and television commercials
  • Wrote direct mail campaigns
  • Wrote content for website
  • Created new logo
  • Rebranded the company to give it a new top image and stay #1 in the PNW
  • Improved lead generation
  • Wrote and published a book to make the owner an author (to enhance credibility, authority, and celebrity in this niche): “Why You Should Care About the Unseen Areas of Your Home”

  • Used the most effective tracking system for weekly reporting on marketing KPIs through a scorecard which keeps track of the business’s performance. The CMO holds marketing campaign meetings for the staff. The KPI scorecard is necessary to maintain the team’s accountability and stay result focused.
  • Managed vendor relationships and budget allocations, including in-person weekly meetings with the SEO agency.
  • Helped expand in new cities and territories, coordinated with legal counsel to protect trademarks, and worked with a franchise consultant to present the opportunity for national expansion as a valid option for ownership.


In 2018, Clean Crawls revenue increased by 4 million dollars. In one year, the company’s revenue grew from 13.8 million to 17.8 million.

Marketing & Social Media Strategy for Attic & Crawl Space

Cross Platform Responsive
100% ROI in first year

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