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Tuttle Twins Required An Experienced Marketing Agency

The Tuttle Twins are the #1 selling kid books that teach kids, teens, and parents important subjects that you don’t find in public schools and modern-day curriculums. The main characters go on adventures to learn about inflation, government law, and the free market. The book series, printed in over 12 languages, utilizes a website that offers combo packs with extra bonuses for each age level, study guides, downloadable curriculums, PDFs, ebooks, and more. Digital eCommerce Marketing for the book series included campaigns to promote the website, a cartoon movie, TV, radio, podcast advertising, cartoon graphic novels, author interviews, author appearances.

Stoddard Agency Has Experience and Marketing Knowledge for Successful Book Series and E-commerce Campaign

The Tuttle Twins needed their internal marketing team to work with independent marketing contractors. They sought our agency for project management to liaison between the internal team, publicity agencies, and outside marketing. They also required our all-in-one service that delivered business management with digital marketing services while redesigning the eCommerce website. Stoddard Agency helped create one universal plan directed by a chief marketing officer to collaborate and integrate teams while boosting their e-commerce KPIs.

Our all-in-one to eCommerce marketing approach with project management enabled:

Project Management

  • Managed previous agencies and the internal marketing team to work on several projects with other independent marketing contractors.
  • Collaborated with several different teams to work on extensive marketing plans and several e-commerce projects. Closely managed Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agency to improve performance.

Digital Marketing Campaign & Rebuild for eCommerce Website

  • Marketing website rebuild/maintenance to increase conversion rates efficiently to improve user interface speed.
  • Split testing
  • Extensive campaign for comparison between old webpage and the new webpage
  • Broadened the scope of their paid advertising campaigns
  • Diversified ads (that were only on Facebook) Added Google Ads/YouTube and paid pay per click ads, tested Bing Ads
  • Created content and landing pages
  • Created Author Press Kit for radio, podcast, publicity
  • Ad Tonality Reports


Starting with Google Ads, in just one year from Aug 2020 to 2021, 18,420 Google searchers found the Tuttle Twins website which led to 20,953 page views. 1,332 customers interacted with the website, plus an addition of 53,654 photos views. 529 people clicked on the Google ads, and 182 people filled out forms for further information. In that one year, 34, 479 page views occurred. 71 people converted to paying customers after viewing the ad.

The Stoddard Agency team performed KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure performance reviews for The Tuttle Twins. We analyzed the Return Visitor ratio, Product Performance, TouchPoints, Revenue per Demographic, Highest Volume Search Terms or Keywords, and Landing Pages Conversion Rates.

A special spring Facebook Ad posted from April 2021 to July 2021 prevailed with a total of 65 leads and 21 conversions (the number of people who became customers after viewing the ad.)

  • Targeted demographics included men and women ages 18-64 and secured The Tuttle Twins website with book purchases totaling over $17,454.
  • 9,095 total users, 8,264 new users
  • The average conversion rate of users; 2.64% of people converted to purchasing and returning customers. Even minor increases in conversion significantly increased sales and the bottom line.

Sales for the Tuttle Twins grew rapidly as all teams worked systematically on all areas of the e-commerce marketing strategy. Conversion rates increased, and the new website performed higher than the previous existing site with an improvement in sales and ROI. The Tuttle twins have a user-friendly website that lures distinct demographic groups into a positive buying experience.

Finding Solutions and pivoting business with a good news Marketing Agency.

Stoddard agency was able to help Tuttle Twins survive and thrive throughout the government shut-down. The word was quickly out that Tuttle Twins stayed in business and work would continue by pivoting towards a solution that worked for the clients.

Blogs and videos were added that increased customer awareness, making offers and spreading goodwill including interesting content on the Stoddard Agency website, Facebook, YouTube and other reliable means of customer communication.

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