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Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing Case Study

“We are are licensed Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense Attorneys with multiple offices in Kansas City, Butler, and Nevada, Missouri, and will focus on your case first and foremost from the beginning to the end. Our practice specializes in consumer bankruptcy and consumer debt defense. We have won hundreds of cases against major collection agencies such as Midland Funding, LVNV, Portfolio Recovery, Asset Acceptance, and Cavalry. We routinely deal with prosecutors in Bates, Henry, St. Clair, Cass, and Vernon Counties. We have even fought major national banks and won.”

Bearden Required An Experienced Marketing Agency

Bearden Law Firm needed to find a marketing company that would build a proper website, and maintain it with strong leads, consistent social media with an increased online presence and persistent exposure.

It’s a difficult task for attorneys to have to pre-screen clients, make appointments, go over preliminary tasks, administration, and then build their own websites and do their own advertising. They need to be concentrating on the actual work a lawyer does. They need to focus on their client’s needs and get new clients at the same time. Bearden Law Firm had to grow its business while maintaining it.

Stoddard Agency Has Experience and Marketing Knowledge for Attorneys

For an attorney as strong and enduring as Bearden Firm is, they needed a good, strong marketing team. Joe and Jovanna Bearden felt it was rare to find a person or group that had the marketing knowledge, plus a required education in the field of bankruptcy protection and criminal law that Stoddard Agency already had. That is why they hired Stoddard Agency. 

Bearden knew that Stoddard Agency had experience and competency at marketing for bankruptcy attorneys and was previously successful at attracting clients and building an extensive and expansive customer base for attorneys.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding was used for Bearden Law Firm with a brand new design for their website that is functional and easy to navigate. There is an instant messenger that answers questions immediately for the customer, plus a FREE consultation form on the front page that generates leads.

Improved Online Exposure

Bearden Law Firm now has better online exposure that directs people to the website and business. Search engine optimization and visibility increased significantly with Stoddard Agency due to advertising and driving local customers in the area. Using keyword targeting attracted clients to find Bearden Law Firm easily and faster. Stoddard Agency also uses Local Ads for improved ROI which increased traffic to Bearden’s website. 

Paid Advertising Management

Paid Advertising for bankruptcy attorneys in Kansas City brought more revenue from search engines and were directed specifically to Bearden Law Firm’s targeted audience, plus an increase in display and targeted advertising generated clients. It’s always a win when the clients make extra money.

Higher Search Rankings

A concern for attorneys such as Bearden Law Firm is being aware that clients often feel lost when searching for a quality bankruptcy attorney. Most people are unable to be led to an attorney with a fair price, one who is locally convenient and offers reliable services. Reaching those clients was a challenge before hiring Stoddard Agency.

Reputation Management

Solid reviews straight from Bearden’s previous clients are available to give potential clients confidence and trust that clients like them benefited from Bearden’s services. It’s one thing to search for a business online, but a consumer always looks at reviews and most decisions to hire a corporation are based on those reviews. Stoddard agency makes sure those reviews can be seen in all areas of online exposure.

Social Media

Bearden Law Firm is highlighted by a constant building of awareness to potential clients boosting views and visibility. Current video content and posts specific to bankruptcy and criminal law are posted weekly on the highest-rated media sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

WHAT Bearden Law Firm Says
About the Stoddard Agency

A brave attorney succeeding in spite of challenging times.

As many small businesses were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and global shut-down, Bearden Law Firm was challenged to stay above ground. Offices were closed, clients were at and hopes were bleak. The World may shut down but Bearden Law Firm knew clients still needed law services.

Bearden Law was not afraid to venture out and help her clients as long as she followed WHO protocol, but she still needed to get the word out that they could help those stuck inside their homes. She made a heroic journey with gloves, masks, and anti-bacterial solution and traveled with papers to client’s doors so they continued to receive services. The Bearden’s still required help to get the word out that they was still working.

Finding Solutions and pivoting business with a good news Marketing Agency.

Stoddard agency was able to help Bearden Law Firm survive and thrive throughout the government shut-down. The word was quickly out that Bearden Law Firm stayed in business and work would continue by pivoting towards a solution that worked for the clients.

Blogs and videos were added that increased customer awareness, making offers and spreading goodwill including interesting content on the Stoddard Agency website, Facebook, YouTube and other reliable means of customer communication.

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