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With 45 years of experience, Appliance mechanics is a local Lake Stevens-owned home appliance repair service provider. A small business with five employees, the major appliance repair business had little presence online and was seeking a way to communicate and attract new customers.

The company required new customers to call for appointments. With a small budget and very little time to spare, they turned to Stoddard Agency for help.

Appliance Mechanic’s website was outdated, not optimized for mobile devices, slow, and kept the company living off referrals. Relying only on referrals presented a problem for the company, as they needed to grow their business to acquire new clients. They also needed to hire new employees.

Stoddard Agency was able to help Appliance Mechanics expand their business and reach customers in new ways through the most profitable digital marketing techniques.

Home Appliance Repair Marketing
Modern Web Design


Our team at Stoddard Agency provided an online marketing campaign designed specifically to meet Appliance Mechanics’ needs.

We implemented SEO keywords to optimize their digital marketing plan and social media postings. We created a new website for all media devices and used Google ads and Facebook ads to provide steady leads. We also ran Indeed ads for hiring employees. 

  • Website Hosting, Design, Development, and Maintenance
  • Listings Management (Claiming, Correcting, Securing)
  • SEO (including content development)
  • Reputation Management / Reviews
  • Social Media and Intent-Based Branding
  • Paid Advertising Management

Improved Website Performance

  • The company’s website was optimized for local searches and scaled to the size of whatever screen your site is being viewed on—mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Built a website structure with an optimized plan for success.
  • Provided website build and included maintenance to increase conversion rates efficiently to improve user interface speed.

In addition to the improved website, we wrote original and custom content for service pages and blogs every month that helped people learn more about Major Appliance Repair Services. The business model also drew in potential customers who might have never heard about them.

Modern Web Design

Improved SEO

  • Targeted the keywords most searched for regarding (major home appliance repair).
  • Performed both onsite and offsite SEO
  • Used long-tail keywords that are localized and specifically around the subjects most attractive to ideal target market clients.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertising is the way customers discover businesses. Stoddard Agency created a digital marketing campaign that drove traffic to optimized vertical-specific landing pages and websites, keeping them on top of search engines. We also created instant visibility on Facebook and Google AdWords search networks, so it was easy for people searching for a local appliance repair service to find them.

  • Drove traffic to optimized vertical-specific lead-generating landing pages and websites.
  • Kept Appliance Mechanics on top of search engines.
  • Instant visibility on Facebook and Google AdWords search network.
  • Targeted Appliance Mechanic’s audience, and pay for when they click.
  • Tracked campaign’s performance with robust reports.
  • Created more real-world results, like more phone calls and website leads.
  • Retargeting on many platforms for virtual “omni-present” marketing (e.g. Display network, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

Finally, we incorporated their social profiles with their new website so that customers could easily find them on major platforms like Facebook or Twitter instead of just searching Google for “appliance repair.”


Appliance Mechanics can now target their audience with precision and pay only when someone clicks on one of their ads—a critical element of any successful program. And when they did click? We tracked that performance with robust reports so we knew exactly what was working and what wasn’t.

The Marketing Funnel arranges key metrics from across the Executive Report to show how digital marketing efforts impacted the brand awareness for Appliance Mechanics and resulted in new customers. The results are based on data collected between September 2021 – September 2022

We measure these reports using an advanced digital marketing resource only available to digital marketing agencies, such as Stoddard Agency.

We also used photos to increase interest in the company’s offerings. Our photo posts were viewed 77,597 times, which led to 2244 impressions. We also had 59,663 impressions from Google searches that came from people who saw the posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Impressions measure the number of times posts are seen 69,143

Customer Engagement: 2244

Leads: 1929

Found business through Google: 59,663

Photo Views: 77,597 

Website Report: 

Unique visitors: 6676

Page Views: 12,561

The client requests that the marketing campaign slows down due to exceeding customer growth.

Our client requested to slow down social media marketing at the midpoint of the year due to an increase in customers and not enough employees. 

We wrote an employment opportunity ad on Indeed and Facebook, resulting in new hires for appliance Mechanics.

They still needed us to slow down so the new employees could get on board and keep up with customer demand. We did too good of a job!

The increase in business and client requests proved that the marketing campaign was successful, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding their expectations for years to come

Marketing & Social Media Strategy for Home Appliance Repair Marketing

Cross Platform Responsive
100% ROI in first year
Jesse Stoddard | Fractional CMO

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