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Excavating Contractor Marketing leads to hiring extra employees to meet client demand

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In-Depth Excavation Required An Experienced Marketing Agency

In-Depth Excavation began when a solo Snohomish County contractor, Dillon Ashenbrenner, provided big-time excavation services (complete with excavation equipment) to homeowners. His vision was to expand into a full-service company with the capabilities to handle large-sized, higher-paid projects and hire employees. Dillon set himself out to be different from the rest of the crowd by being an excavator with excellent customer communication.

Dillon called Jesse, the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at Stoddard Agency, to see if the business could expand through digital and social media.

Indepth Excavation

Stoddard Agency Has Experience and Marketing Knowledge for Excavating Contractors

The problem was In-Depth Excavation presented a small website with limited content and no SEO (Search Engine Optimization.), which Jesse’s team discovered with an SEO audit and website performance test. (SEO is necessary for the digital industry because it allows people to find specific businesses using search engines. The businesses found are those with SEO keywords and phrases throughout their websites. SEO is the function that knows what keywords and phrases people use most when searching for particular products and services.)

The website performance test results also concluded that the website was in dire need of speed improvements on both desktop and mobile, a user-centered redesign, architectural overhaul, updated and intuitive navigation structure, and SEO content strategy. Dillon had a Facebook and LinkedIn page for communication, but he seldom had time to post. He also needed a strategy for collecting and responding to online reviews.

Jesse organized a strategic plan for Excavation Services Marketing with the plan, build and launch expansion module.

Our all-in-one to eCommerce marketing approach with project management enabled:


Digital Marketing Campaign & Rebuild for eCommerce Website

  • Marketing website rebuild/maintenance to increase conversion rates efficiently to improve user interface speed.
  • Created content, landing pages and lead generation

Enhance Social Media presence by increasing:

  • Conversion rates
  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Leads

Build and Execute

The Stoddard team built a website structure with an optimized plan for success.

  • Added monthly postings to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter
    Boosted regularly occurring blogs and services pages.
  • Responsive design for use on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Integration of social profiles
  • Implement with Digital Marketing Plan for increased brand awareness, web traffic, and conversions.
  • Create Site Optimization Plan
  • Revise web copies with the correct SEO in place
  • Redesign the home page and service pages
  • Add a lead magnet landing page

The team launched the new site with dynamic photos and added SEO optimization with original content, additional service pages, and a monthly blog. Using the performance test data we:

  • Increase page text content
  • Review and increase font size & layout
  • Add images with identification (Alt tags) to improve image descriptions. 
  • Image descriptions provide more keywords for search engines to find. 


The year brought In-Depth Excavation profound results regarding engagement with social media. Social media engagement means that the brand attracts and creates significant relationships with current and potential customers.

The number of website impressions is how many times customers view the website and social media postings. 

Using software only available to digital agencies, we track and monitor the live, up-to-date website and social media activity.

February 2021 – February 2022 

  • 27, 858 impressions
  • 3,3840 engagements (measurements of comments, likes, shares)
  • 45 leads

Over the time In-Depth Excavation has been a client, they have grown considerably, taking on many new larger projects, buying more equipment and hiring more help to take on the added work and turn higher revenues into valuable profits.


Within a year, In-Depth Excavation transformed from a one-man operation to a thriving business with multiple employees, business-to-business connections with top contractors, and managing  bigger paid projects.

Pleased with Stoddard Agency’s excavation services marketing results, Dillon referred another excavator to us!

Finding Solutions and pivoting business with a good news Marketing Agency.

Stoddard agency was able to help In-Depth Excavation survive and thrive throughout the government shut-down. The word was quickly out that In-Depth Excavation stayed in business and work would continue by pivoting towards a solution that worked for the clients.

Blogs and videos were added that increased customer awareness, making offers and spreading goodwill including interesting content on the Stoddard Agency website, Facebook, YouTube and other reliable means of customer communication.

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