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Fractional CMO for Franchises

At Stoddard Agency, we understand the importance of what a Fractional CMO can do for  franchise growth. We provide Fractional CMO services to franchisors and franchisees with beneficial and crucial marketing management practices that make these companies successful.

Franchises are more popular with the general public (now, more than ever)  because brands have made themselves recognizable and familiar, attracting customers who feel comfortable returning to these businesses repeatedly. Not only that, but more people in the “great resignation” are looking for business opportunities to leave their satisfying jobs and pursue their financial freedom goals.

A valuable lesson most franchises learn quickly is that they will always need more clients, customers, or patients, which starts with lead generation.

The Stoddard Agency’s Fractional CMO division is a valuable asset to any business, especially franchised businesses. Our Fractional CMO (Jesse Stoddard) has over 20 years of advanced and progressive franchise marketing experience.

This unparalleled knowledge maintains the ability to discover your franchise’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities to attract a never-ending flow of business to you.

Our Fractional CMO services know what you need for continual franchise growth.

Our Fractional CMO services will recognize your goals and discover what has worked in the past so that we can create a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve those goals. In other words, your franchise is already shining, but do you know why? It’s not luck. 

There are mathematical and “marketing formulas” that you are unaware of that fuel a franchise. Do you know what you did to attract more leads? Do you know how to repeat past successes to generate more wins? Stoddard Agency’s Fractional CMO program will determine your unique situation, customize a marketing plan for your business, teach you the proven methods and formulas for growth, then use those procedures to create more business. 

Hiring a full-time chief marketing officer is costly. You will have to take out a large portion of your marketing budget to pay them, not to mention the other outrageous expenses of hiring extra employees. He/She needs an assistant. The assistant needs a team…

With our Fractional CMO services, you only pay for the small amount of time it takes for our marketing professional to organize your marketing/sales team with a solid, proposed marketing plan and then get them on the ground and running.

You’ll receive quick, easy direction that does not require loads of extra time or redundant, unnecessary meetings. You get a comprehensive marketing plan that works.

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Franchise Marketing Strategy

For franchises to succeed, they must have a marketing strategy that can be applied to all franchisees. A successful strategy will work in each location. All franchisees should follow the same procedures in their own stores. Some can tailor the plan appropriately per their situations.

  • “Playbooks” are excellent tools for sending to the franchise’s locations and should contain three basic criteria: instructions must be repeatable, scalable, and effective in all locations.
  • The franchisor must decide whether it is more advantageous to have an in-house marketing team to work with an external agency or both. Our Fractional CMO services will bridge the gap between the two making it easier for the teams to get along and improve marketing achievements. 
  • Our Fractional CMO services also serve as watchdogs, keeping you aware of external digital agencies that partner with our franchise clients to ensure they act in your best interests, not their own.
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Franchise Digital Marketing

Local SEO

Local SEO is important for your franchise because it allows customers to find you via Google, Yahoo! And Bing. Since franchises are a part of a larger brand, customers usually aren’t as averse to shopping with your business since they more than likely already have some experience with the brand.

Because customers are already familiar with the brand, they aren’t as hesitant to shop at one of your locations. Local SEO is paramount for franchises because it helps them connect with their target audience and make sales.

Stoddard Agency applies local SEO to ensure your target audience finds you at their first search.

Creative and Original Content Marketing

Creating content that distinguishes your franchise as a helpful or knowledgeable source can generate return users and potential customers.

You can make your brand stand out by creating authentic, authoritative content that reflects your franchise. This strategy is especially effective for franchises with large marketing departments, which produce duplicate content for all franchisees.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Each franchise will have distinct goals, so a cookie-cutter approach to PPC advertising will not work. While certain aspects of your ads will reflect your brand, Stoddard Agency provides local ad copy. Like any PPC campaign, our Fractional CMO program includes professional research 

to optimize your landing pages and generate leads.

Still, there are unique requirements to run effective multi-location scalable ad campaigns. There is an element of economy-of-scale benefits to saving money and gathering more useful data.

Stoddard Agency uses powerful, state-of-the-art industry methods to capture your target audience, reducing the cookie-cutter approach to paid search.

Social Media Advertising

People use social media to research brands, services, and locations before making purchases or visiting locations. For that reason, and many more like it, creating a meaningful online presence matters for growing your business.

Stoddard Agency offers a team of professionals to heighten and strengthen your online media presence with tailored and entertaining social media exposure.

Graphic design

Our graphic design department offers weekly, monthly, and bi-weekly social media publications that will make your franchise unforgettable to your target audience.


Our videos are top-of-the-line, professionally shot, produced, and captivating for audiences using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Posts

  1. We create engaging content that draws your target audience in and triggers their emotions so that every viewer can see what makes your brand stand out. 

  2. Our use of Social media promises every customer that your business is  authentic, trustworthy, and worthy of their time.

  3. Stoddard Agency employs interactive feedback within social media to gain customer engagement. Customer engagement continues the conversation between you and your customers and keeps customers talking about your business.

Customer Engagement Statistics (

When positive social media interactions with a brand are present, consumers are more likely to buy from the brand (78%), choose it over competitors (77%), recommend it (76%), and increase their spending with that brand (72%). In addition, they’ll develop a stronger bond with the brand (70%).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the modern-day version of direct mail marketing because it’s a direct message to your consumer. While it may not seem as important as other digital marketing campaigns, it is extremely effective. Email is readily accessible from mobile devices, meaning many people consistently check their email throughout the day. 

This opens up opportunities for them to interact with your messaging at a time that’s convenient for them and not intrusive like other digital marketing campaigns. In addition, email marketing allows you to communicate with your audience in an organized way, which builds relationships between you and your consumers over time.

Our CMO services benefit your franchisee’s performance.

With Stoddard Agency’s Fractional CMO consultation marketing service, franchisees will get advice, leadership and accountability at a much lower cost than having a full-time CMO. For example, if each franchisee contributes 1% of their ad fund toward filling the leadership role of the marketing department with a Fractional CMO, this would provide the same level of leadership as having a full-time seat filled by hiring an in-house CMO.

Our Fractional CMO develops a systematic approach to deploying marketing strategies that have been proven to be successful at many franchises.

Four Phases of Franchisee’s launch with experienced guidance from Stoddard Agency’s CMO Services)

A franchisee typically goes through four stages: pre-launch, post-launch, first-year/growing, and mature.


A pre-launch strategy to encourage as many people as possible to attend your grand opening, claim a benefit for attending or signing up before opening. This way, you can ensure a full book of business when it comes time for your grand opening.


A grand opening promotion runs for at least 60 days after the franchisee opens its doors.


After opening, a franchisee runs a specific campaign for at least 60 days to let customers know the location is open.

  1. Mature

With the help of our Fractional CMO, your marketing strategy will move to a more calculated approach after the first year. The campaigns will all become deployable simultaneously with the global marketing strategy you defined with a Fractional CMO.


Marketing your franchise the wrong way can sink the ship.

Remember, if you don’t grow your franchise using our Functional Marketing® Framework and other proprietary systems with me as your Fractional CMO, you are in danger of missing an opportunity to grow your business and scale up dramatically. 

If you aren’t taking advantage of new and better opportunities, you are sliding backward and losing ground in the competitive landscape. In business, there is no maintaining the status quo and treading water. You must swim or drown.