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Man On A Mission: “We must save small business from this dire economic threat. The government can’t save entrepreneurs, only we can save ourselves."

How To Save Your Business And Profit During These “Challenging Times”

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From The Desk of Jesse Stoddard:

Dear Friend,
I am a man on a mission, and I’m mad.
That’s because if I weren’t mad, fear would take over. With all the virus-scare out there and people hoarding toilet paper, the future seems shaky.
But I don’t want to live like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off, and I doubt you do either.
I want to stand up and do something about this. The government is doing it’s best, but you and I both know that isn’t good enough. It’s always small businesses like us that take the brunt of the fallout.
I see small businesses scared out of their minds, not about the COVID-19 health dangers (although those are freaky too), but mostly about what the impact will be to their business. How much revenue will they lose? How many clients, customers, or patients will simply stop paying them? What about all the expenses that are still due? Overhead? Rent? Accounts Payable? Fixed costs? Payroll? Taxes, fees, and insurance?
What about all the employees we are losing that have to go on unemployment?
There is a downwards spiral of fear and negativity that pervades everywhere.
Sure the news gives us a few things to be grateful for; $1,000 sent to everyone (whoopee), the SBA offering low-interest loans (that’s nice, but who want more debt?), and some emergency loans to cover payroll that might be forgiven under certain circumstances.
All that is fine, but how is that going to help make up for the real losses?
You and I both know, deep down, that the answer is in us. We can overcome this thing by working together. The entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country (and the world) and it is only through innovation, adaptation, and grit that we can save everyone.
Small businesses are already doing this as I write this!
A local couch manufacturer has retooled his factory to make masks for medical use.
A brewery is now making hand sanitizer.
All that is fantastic and inspiring!
Still, what can the businesses that don’t easily lend themselves to such transitions do?
Well, I believe they can do a lot, and I have a plan to help small businesses. Now, I can’t help everyone, but I know I can do my part to help a specific few.
I want to show you…

How To Make More Money In Your Business During Times of Massive Transition and Uncertainty Without Losing Your Shirt or Taking Huge Risks

If your revenue is lagging, your customers are leaving, new prospects are nowhere to be found, your “marketing assistant” isn't cutting it, and you are stressed out, then this is likely the most important letter you’ll ever read.