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Man On A Mission: “We must save small businesses from this dire economic threat. The government can’t save entrepreneurs; only we can save ourselves."

How To Save Your Business And Profit During These “Challenging Times”

From The Desk of Jesse Stoddard:

Dear Friend,

I am a man on a mission, and I’m mad.

That’s because if I weren’t mad, fear would take over. With all the virus-scare out there and people hoarding toilet paper, the future seems shaky.

But I don’t want to live like a chicken running around with its head cut off, and I doubt you do either.

I want to stand up and do something about this. The government is doing its best, but you and I both know that isn’t good enough. It’s always small businesses like us that take the brunt of the fallout.

I see small businesses scared out of their minds, not about the COVID-19 health dangers (although those are freaky too), but mostly about what the impact will be on their business. How much revenue will they lose? How many clients, customers, or patients will simply stop paying them? What about all the expenses that are still due? Overhead? Rent? Accounts Payable? Fixed costs? Payroll? Taxes, fees, and insurance?

What about all the employees we are losing that have to go on unemployment?

There is a downwards spiral of fear and negativity that pervades everywhere.

Sure the news gives us a few things to be grateful for; $1,000 sent to everyone (whoopee), the SBA offers low-interest loans (that’s nice, but who wants more debt?), and some emergency loans to cover payroll that might be forgiven under certain circumstances.

All that is fine, but how is that going to help make up for the real losses?

You and I both know, deep down, that the answer is in us. We can overcome this thing by working together. The entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country (and the world), and it is only through innovation, adaptation, and grit that we can save everyone.

Small businesses are already doing this as I write this!

A local couch manufacturer has retooled his factory to make masks for medical use.

A brewery is now making hand sanitizer.

All that is fantastic and inspiring!

Still, what can the businesses that don’t easily lend themselves to such transitions do?

Well, I believe they can do a lot, and I have a plan to help small businesses. Now, I can’t help everyone, but I know I can do my part to help a specific few.

I want to show you

How To Make More Money In Your Business During Times of Massive Transition and Uncertainty Without Losing Your Shirt or Taking Huge Risks

If your revenue is lagging, your customers are leaving, new prospects are nowhere to be found, your “marketing assistant” isn’t cutting it, and you are stressed out, then this is likely the most important letter you’ll ever read.

But first, a warning out of respect for your time. This isn’t for everyone.

Who This Is Not For:

  • People who haven’t even started yet, or who are just playing at being an entrepreneur. This will only apply to you if you have a real business.
  • It also doesn’t apply to people who are unwilling to take massive action or who are not open to calculated risks that might take thirty, sixty, or even ninety days to pay off (but when they do, it’s an exciting ROI!).
  • It’s not for cheap folks that are scared to invest in their business and in growth using marketing and technology, as well as advertising. Converting paid advertising into profit is the most reliable way to achieve duplicable and consistent growth.
  • Not for anyone who refuses to try anything new, like social media, SEO, or whatever it takes to win.
  • This also isn’t for get-rich-quick folks or X-rated businesses. Sorry, that’s just not my game.

Who This Is For:

  • An owner-operated business.
  • You are already generating revenue, likely in the six-figure or above range, or you are headed that way. Basically, you already proved your original concept. Sure, you might have to pivot now, and that’s okay. This stuff applies to you even more if you are producing from one to twenty-million dollars of annual revenue.
  • An entrepreneur that wants more money and fewer headaches with a focus on growth and expansion.
  • This works best for local businesses, especially if you want more locations and/or to expand service territories. It can work for e-commerce, as well.
  • You want 10X to 20X growth (I know this sounds crazy right now, but it takes a bit of a positive mindset to get out of this situation).

See, there is always a catch.

And the catch here is that what I am about to share with you is the farthest thing from “get rich quick” as there possibly can be. This is the road to long-term and long-lasting success in a competitive and panicking market space in shark-infested waters. It requires working smarter and not harder, which is a totally different kind of work.

As Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest kind of work—which is probably the reason, so few engage in it.”

The catch is that you have to think hard and think differently from your competition. At least, it will feel weird at first if you are not used to thinking this way. But once you get it, it will be like a hammer hitting you in the head and ringing your ears.

And the ringing will sound like a cash register.

Before Their Next Big Breakthrough, Every Entrepreneur Needs to Fail First and Fail Forward–It’s How We Learn and Grow

I was fortunate to have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age, starting in sales with a paper route, doing anything I could to get tips from little old ladies. I was getting paid to draw political cartoons at twelve and helping my dad with his boatbuilding and charter business.

Later, in my twenties, I started a silver jewelry import and retail business, selling my wares in beautiful wooden display boxes my dad built, placed in Mexican restaurants.

My wife even got into making pieces, and my Spanish-speaking friend was our salesman.

Heck, it actually worked! …Until someone broke in and stole the cases, and we had no insurance. It was a great learning lesson for twenty-year-olds trying to become entrepreneurs.

I even tried a late-night infomercial deal many people referred to laughingly as the “Tiny Little Ads” guy, where you sell nine-hundred number service by taking out little ads in the local papers. If you didn’t have the money for the ads (I didn’t), then you had to go around the college campus with flyers.

Nobody bought.

Looking back, it was stupid, and I was desperate.

No matter what I did, I seemed to acquire a lot of experience but usually ended up with less money than what I started with. Such is the school of Hard Knocks.

I spent a few years doing odd jobs, such as a corporate sales manager for a large chain of health clubs selling to businesses, I was the company manager for a professional musical theater organization in Seattle, and the manager for an aerial acrobatics group selling entertainment to big companies like Microsoft.

(By the way, you haven’t seen true Nerdom at its finest until you have been in the presence of a couple of hundred drunk computer nerds playing video games and ogling over scantily clad women in cosplay, hanging from hoops attached to the ceiling.)

I was just experimenting with everything I could during that time.

But I didn’t really get the chance to embrace real character-building entrepreneurial failure until I started a gym at the height of the economic bubble in 2006.

I even had a cool name; Retrofit. We were bringing people back to their youth or something.

The timing was the worst imaginable. We had no idea the bubble was about to burst, but on top of that, we opened at the worst possible time in the Pacific Northwest; the summer.

People are out eating barbecue and trying to get their one day at the beach per year in the summer. They aren’t thinking about going indoors to workout in a gym.

Still, with unimaginable hustle, I signed up 635 members.

At first, it looked like we were going to make it. Then I started having trouble with a partner, and the whole thing started to crumble.

$13,000 in rent and CAM charges, $500,000 worth of equipment leases, and $30,000 of personal credit card debt later, the market crashed.

My partner locked me out of the building due to our inability to be civil with one another. I was the lead salesman and was no longer able to produce. He limped along in the business for a couple of years and eventually went bankrupt.

Our other partner lost everything too. His other gym and his home. He moved to Arizona and started over in his sixties.

It was a real bummer all over.

On top of all this, I owned property in Florida in one of the hardest-hit areas.

I accumulated debt to the tune of 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS by the time I was thirty years old. I had no job, no income, no savings, and had to start over.

I was at rock bottom and spent a few months in my bathrobe staring at a wall. My wife stayed with me, which is a miracle since I didn’t want to stay with me.

I tell you all this to remind you that we have seen tough times before. If you are an entrepreneur, my guess is that you have some kind of a story like mine, or maybe even worse! (Someday we can sit and share war stories over a beer and try to one-up one another, but for now, let’s just agree that this isn’t the first time we have been able to overcome adversity).

A couple of years later I started a fitness boot camp business in Snohomish County, Washington, before such a thing had become popular and long before Crossfit. It took off. Pretty soon I was in four cities in our county, with eight trainers working for me. It turned out to be a superior business model at the time, and I regained my confidence.

I remember being blown away that a little fitness program in one city could generate $14,000 in one month. From a guy who started out running around in a park trying to get people to work out to a Boot Camp Enterprise. It was a fun time and others wanted to know my secrets.

I decided to not file for bankruptcy and just pay off all the debt (with some negotiations that helped). It took me about ten years, but I got out of debt—a pretty cool feeling.

I ended up selling the fitness boot camp business and got into consulting. Naturally, since much (but not all) of my experience was in the fitness industry, I stayed in that lane for a time. I helped quite a few fitness professionals become entrepreneurs and build some cool businesses.

The more I did, the better I became at one particular area: Revenue Growth—and the primary way to do that was a marketing strategy. Marketing brought a steady stream of quality leads that turned to sales and then recurring long-term customer relationships for my clients.

One day, I approached a business owner client of mine who owned a large home services business in the insulation and crawl space remediation space. I asked if he needed help with marketing strategy.

He said yes and called me in. After three, four-hour meetings with the owners, they made me their Chief Marketing Officer. I decided to go back to corporate America and take the “real job” offer.

It was the best and worst choice of my career.

The truth is that I took the job because I thought I could convince them to franchise the business and put me as the lead of the franchise team. At the very least, I knew they wanted to expand into Portland and become a multi-state business, where I could be a part of a growing company.

I was so enthralled, that I took fifty-percent of the salary that an average CMO would receive… and I was determined to be way above average.

Because of my excitement, I started right before Christmas of 2016 and worked through New Years’, usually sixty to eighty hours a week. I was determined to grow that business through 2017 to be a star business and totally dominate the market.

I wrote the sixty-two-page marketing plan and began implementing everything I had learned over the years of small business marketing and strategy consulting.

In fact, I was so excited, that I was (at least temporarily) able to overlook all the normal corporate politics, backstabbing, and general weasel-ry that you see in a normal job.

That didn’t last, and a few people started getting on my nerves. I think they hated me from day one, but that is not even worth thinking about anymore. I wish them all the luck in the world and I hope they are happy and fulfilled.

But the company started growing anyway. The goal was 20% every month year-over-year. We had a month where we were 70% higher than in the same month the year before. It wasn’t just working, it was exploding. There were a few “slower months” however, which made the owners nervous. By slow, it just means that it was only ahead a little bit over the previous year, rather than skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, the owners were doubling down on their unrealistic growth projections and buying more trucks and stuff.

In the end, even with the “slower” periods, we went from 13.8 Million Dollars in revenue to 17.8 Million Dollars in one year.

Those owners made an additional 4 Million Dollars in one year. 

Not bad for my first year on the job.

But it wasn’t my business. I was just a hired gun.

Now, at this part of the story, you might expect me to say I lived happily ever after, and then try to teach you how to be a chief marketing officer too. Not so fast.

Somebody in the company didn’t like me and for one reason or another, I was in trouble and was called into a meeting that was threatening my job. I am sure that if I really played the schmoozing game, or the bureaucratic one, or the legalistic one, I could have walked away with a slap on my hand.

But I just couldn’t do it. I am not wired that way.

Like you, I am an entrepreneur. At the very least, I am perpetually self-employed and just can’t get myself to play games and work for someone else in that kind of environment. We all have a little bit of Entrepreneurial ADD, don’t we 😉

So I walked (while being escorted off the property). It was a very strange last day.

No ticker-tape parade. No thank-yous. No pat on the back. I just helped them bring in an additional four-million dollars in one year and was being briskly escorted out of the building so that I wouldn’t steal a stapler.

I started my own business the next week. Stoddard Consulting and the Stoddard Agency, a hybrid of business growth strategy consulting and digital marketing agency.

Here’s the metaphor for you.

It’s like working out. At first, you feel pain as you work the muscle and tear down the tissues. Then, you go past the point you think you can go and some fear enters into the equation. Then, you have time to recuperate and rejuvenate and your muscle becomes stronger. You achieve a mental and physical breakthrough and come back better than before.

The concept of the Slight Edge (a great book by Jeff Olson) taught me that success is the accumulation of small seemingly insignificant steps in the right direction, versus failure, which is the accumulation of small, seemingly insignificant errors of judgment compounded over time.

Like you, I have learned to take those risks, one after another.

Here are the three things I learned that I take action on consistently, and will lead to business growth and success.

The First Lesson is to focus on 80/20 Simplification.

What we want as business owners are two things: more money and less stuff that sucks. We don’t really want “management consulting,” where a couple of guys come to our office and rant and rave and wave their hands around for a week and leave a binder on the shelf that will collect dust and never get read, much less implemented.

80/20 Simplification means that big doors swing on small hinges. There is always twenty percent of what we are doing that is producing eighty percent of the results. It is a battle between the critical few versus the trivial many.

When trying to grow a business, 20% of the marketing is producing 80% of the leads, 20% of the products or service offerings produce 80% of the revenue, and 20% of the customers produce 80% of the sales. And so on and so forth. Sure, it might not be those exact numbers. Sometimes it is 70/30, or 99 to 1, or 99.9 to 0.1. Either way, it is never a one-to-one ratio as we often think it will be.

During turbulent and uncertain times like these, the 80/20 rule and simplifying become not only important but critical to your business survival.

The second lesson I learned during my journey was that you and I aren’t in the business we think we are.

If we think we are in the “Fill-in-the-blank business” (Crawl Space Remediation, Law, Dentistry, Plumbing, etc.), we are not. We are in the “Marketing of the Fill-in-the-blank” business.

See the doing of the thing, as much as we are proud of our work ethic and accolades and qualifications are the easiest things to replicate and hire out. It is the easiest thing to automate or to outsource. The hardest part and therefore the most valuable part of any business is the acquiring of the customer.

That’s why we pay salespeople so well. And if we are smart, it is why we should pay our marketing team even better. The marketing is the salesperson in print or online. It is the canning and cloning of the very best sales presentation. It attracts customers to you, rather than having to chase them.

Good marketing will pull the right clients to you, rather than you having to push and pursue them. It is called magnetic marketing.

The sooner you become a magnetic marketer and change your mindset about what business you are truly in, the faster you will grow your company.

During scary times like this, deploying magnetic marketing strategies is the number one thing you can do to keep getting a reliable source of qualified new leads that convert into clients, customers, and patients.

Finally, the third big lesson I was taught by Ye Ol’ School of Hard Knocks, is called “Find and Utilize Your Unique Ability,” and its symbiotic relationship with Unique Ability Teamwork.

It means asking “Who” instead of “How” when a new challenge confronts your business.

So many entrepreneurs are afraid of letting go of control. The truth is you have a unique ability that you need to focus on and everything else is something you are either not good at or that you don’t like or both.

You have to STOP doing stuff you don’t like doing because you will never be as good at it as someone who loves doing it and who is naturally a good fit for that job.

This is the big secret of growing a business without the additional stuff that sucks.

Just stop doing it!

You need to trust experts who can do it better. You need to focus on your unique contribution that truly is a game-changing factor in your business. This will also help your personal life and satisfaction.

This is important in a crisis because we tend to want to do the opposite. We want to run ourselves ragged putting out fires (that we are not good at putting out, to begin with) instead of trusting our team to help because of the fear that it won’t get done or it won’t get done right. We shoot ourselves in the foot, by doing a poor job, becoming exhausted (which can make us sick), and taking our eye off the ball.

We stop responding, growing, and adapting and start reacting, shrinking, and freezing in a rigid state of fear. Our business becomes impotent, which is the last thing it should become when the crap hits the fan.


Here’s where I am now:

I get to be a hero to small and local businesses. I get to focus on what I am good at and help entrepreneurs make more money and have fewer headaches and they happily pay me to do that. It’s pretty cool.

Most agencies fail in the first year. I am happy to say that I did not fail, and have been growing since the start, and also happy to say that my client makes significantly more money in additional revenue than they pay me in retainer fees.

So if you’re ready to grow your business with fewer headaches, then you might want my help.

If you are too busy working to go out and get new clients, customers, or patients, then you need this.

With that said, let me tell you what you are getting here.

I call it:

The Ultimate Small Business Strategic Stimulus Package

For a limited number of businesses, I’m offering my Business Growth Strategy Consulting and our Agency Services combined.

My team will get on a Zoom call with you to build our strategy and produce content for you in your marketing. We will guide you through the entire process.

My digital agency will do the fulfillment of our digital strategy for you.

The areas that we will cover include everything you need as a small business. I’m discounting the pricing significantly.

The specific price depends on your individual situation and your current budget. We have clients that work with us for $250 a month all the way up to $8,333 per month on this program, so at these low rates, we can’t take everyone. At some point, I am going to have to raise our prices again.

I had a law firm pay me $5,000 for only the consulting side of this offer for a 12-month contract. That’s $60,000 for consulting only and did not include the execution side of the equation (the marketing agency services).

The average Chief Marketing Officer costs $125,000 per year, plus bonuses based on production, plus benefits. That also does not include agency work.

If you did either of these options, you would have to pay for people to get the digital marketing done that your smart CMO proposed.

Other companies are charging $8,000 just for SEO, with annual contracts for the digital agency services alone, and do nothing in terms of the strategy side. And the strategy side is the most important, because, without it, you are throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks.

According to the average Secretary salary in Washington is $49,017 as of February 26, 2020. That’s not including benefits and the payroll taxes you will have to pay. If we divide that by 12 months, we get $4,084.75 a month.

So, even if you choose our more robust packages, you can get our services for at least a thousand dollars less than you would have to pay a secretary. Plus, you are getting the services of a CMO, business consultant, and marketing agency.

That’s why I know this is a ridiculously good offer.

The reason I am doing this is that I am trying to create something amazing during these “Challenging Times,” amid the scares of the Coronavirus, economic crisis, and international strife.

I want to help and believe in helping small businesses in America. It’s the backbone of our country.

If you don’t like it for any reason, or if you want to go it alone and do it all yourself or go with another agency, you can get a full refund for thirty days, and keep the marketing plan and whatever work we’ve done for you anyway.

My team and I will work directly with you to help you grow your business.

But it’s about more than just a few marketing strategies and Facebook ads to bring in more revenue. You’ll learn and master:

  • How to get the benefits of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer without having to hire one. We start with strategy, not just tactics. We give you the principles that lead to strategies that drive tactics. You get an individualized road map so that you know where you are going. We maximize the 80/20 approach for you so that you get a rapid ROI at lower costs.
  • How to get all of your marketing and lead generation stuff done without having to hire and manage dozens of people. Unlike most consultants, I have a full-service Digital Agency at my disposal to help you with everything we come up with together. This allows you to create synergy between all your online efforts. It means we can be quick to change when needed and finish projects faster. And there is no need to coordinate different vendors for every little project (more headaches!)
  • How to get all of your digital marketing done at half-price. You would normally pay a boatload for all of this. Because of our unique and lean structure, we already cut the fat out of the business, in order to pass the savings on you to you. You will also save a lot of time, which is more valuable than money. In addition, trial and error using various companies and vendors can be dangerous to a growing company, and we can help eliminate that since we already have the systems in place and ready.
  • The truth about hiring digital agencies. Most digital marketing agencies are just tech guys in disguise as hipsters. They like to tinker online. Now, I have respect for these guys, but they are computer geeks first and business people second. Many of them have never had to sell anything or make payroll or do any real work. I have been in the trenches of startups, worked in the real world, and know what it’s like. Because of this, we can combine a real strategy with execution (rare!). Most agencies are only level pullers and button pushers, but they don’t always know which buttons to push! Once you agree to work with us, you can stop shopping around and dealing with ad reps from various media companies (yuck!), you save a ton of money by having both at one price. Finally, because your plan and your “doers” are one and the same, you get an efficient, effective process with superior communication.
  • If you have trouble keeping up with digital marketing for your business, you are going to love this! We keep up with technological change for you. You cannot afford to get left behind. You can maximize and optimize the use of technology to leverage your growth. You can focus on your unique ability and not get bogged down.
  • If you want to grow your business, but hate social media, you need this… We have pioneered a unique method of utilizing social media, that allows you to build your brand cheaply, build goodwill, and make sales as you do it. You make money from social media, instead of getting sucked in as a consumer, as so many minds full of mush. Plus, it’s very easy to do (on your end), and your competitors are not doing it.
  • Finally! A proven way to grow your business without pouring money down the endless drain of expensive advertising or hiring dozens of worker bees. We work with your existing team. You can think of me as your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, so there is no need to hire a CMO or an additional marketing team. In case you already have a few key people in place, I can give your existing Marketing Manager or General Manager direction if they need it. We help create a clear division of labor, which results in fewer headaches for you.
  • The solution to overwhelm and entrepreneurial loneliness. It might sound strange to say it that way, but it’s lonely being at the top. There aren’t many people you can bounce high-level ideas off of or confide in. I’ll personally be there with you so that you have someone to talk to who knows how it feels. You won’t be alone. More importantly, part of my job is helping you determine the 80/20 action—the one thing—that can make all the difference in your business right now so you can avoid all the distractions. I’ll help you with a strategy circle technique that helps turn obstacles into opportunities and develops your commitment, courage, capability, and confidence.
  • How to create authority, credibility, and celebrity in the marketplace by becoming an author. This is totally optional, but regardless of if you have ever dreamed of writing a book, it is still one of the best tools to help you grow your business. As an option of us working together, we have helped produce several professionally written and edited books that act as lead generation tools for your business. Many are selling on Amazon and driving traffic to the business owner. We make it an easy process for you. Likewise, we can help you start a podcast and essentially run it for you. These are awesome lead generation opportunities and having a ghostwriter and/or interviewer like me save you massive time and effort.
  • Everything we do is Month-to-Month with NO Long-term contracts. You have nothing to lose. You can change your mind at any time. You can turn it on and off like a faucet or change our arrangement as your business grows and changes.

Yes, that’s a lot of headache-free business growth solutions, but it gets better because you’re also getting a:

FREE Customized Marketing Strategy

This is a completely customized marketing strategy that is tailored to your industry and business. Stoddard Consulting is a Marketing Strategy Consulting Firm that specializes in the creation of individualized advertising plans and budgets for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This is the same core strategy that I used to take that home services company from 13.8 to 17.8 million dollars in less than a year.

We will research your market, your competitors and develop a bespoke (individualized and customized) strategic plan to grow your company. All of our plans include:

  • How to Avoid the Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Test Your Ideas Before You Waste Another Dollar
  • How to Create a Quick and Easy Marketing Plan
  • How to Decide What Advertising Media to Use
  • How to Develop Advertising Assets That Give You Ultimate Leverage and Reliable Profits

What all this means is that you will have a blueprint for success that is immediately executable. You can basically just give it to your team (and/or us) and have them take action on it for you, and all you have to do is hold them accountable for the results while watching the revenue roll in.

Although this is now a streamlined version of the planning process, when we write these plans out, we listed this service on my consulting website for $10,000. They used to take us at least three months to produce, but we have the system down to less than thirty days. We will do a streamlined and simple version of this for you for free.

If you add the consulting fee of $5,000 to the agency fees worth $8,000 a month, you now have a total of $23,000, which now makes me think I am giving this away for far too little money. I cringe, but I have to do it to help in these trying times.

Granted, the savings don’t stop there, because the consulting for a year would be $60,000 and the agency services would end up totaling $96,000. That’s a total of $156,000 for the year, plus the marketing plan. That’s a grand total of $166,000 for a whole year. Assuming you decide to stick with a $3,000 per month plan for a year, you would have spent only $36,000.

That’s a 78% discount!

Again, you don’t have to choose a package like that. We work with startups too.

Here’s what to do next.

Just fill out the application form below with my office and schedule a time for a strategy session. We’ll do a Zoom video conference or phone call and I’ll ask you a few questions about your business to see how I can best help you.

Assuming we are a good fit, and only if I can help you, we’ll decide at that time if we want to work together. If so, you’ll sign up for my services via a simple month-to-month consulting agreement that you can easily sign online, and we’ll start work.

I understand you might have some reservations. Any new relationship should be vetted.

If I were you, here would be some of my questions and concerns:

  • Q: What about recurring fees? Are you going to start charging me right away after my initial trial period?
  • A: It’s all month-to-month anyway, so you have no risk. You just let me or my office know that you would like to stop and we won’t bill you anymore. If you do like it, do nothing and we will bill you automatically each month. We appreciate it if you can give us ten days’ notice to make sure, but I am not going to chase anyone down for money. I only want to work with people that want to work with me. Also, you are more likely to build the right habits if you stick with the program over time, so it is better if you are consistent. Also, with this monthly retainer system, you are spending less upfront than you would for project-based agencies and our results are long term since we are building a long-term business relationship together.
  • Q: It seems like a lot to invest in when I already have a guy that is doing my marketing stuff.
  • A: We can work with your guy so that you get more out of your existing vendor relationships, or perhaps we can replace the others so that you get more for less. Your assistant can benefit from the 80/20 approach by focusing on what they are good at and letting us do the rest. Besides, our firm provides a very rare combination of coaching, plus execution, which is extremely rare.
  • Q: This is too expensive for me right now.
  • A: We base our plan on providing you return on investment to start. The entire idea is that we partner to help you grow and we only really succeed when you do. The increased revenue and/or reduced costs should more than cover our fee, or you can always quit. You can get a full refund within the first 30 days and don’t have to keep paying us after that, plus you get to keep the work we produce for you.
  • Q: I don’t need the consulting, the marketing plan, and an agency—I only need one of those things.
  • A: Well, for a limited number of clients (I only have so much time), you are getting both for the price of one anyway. We can always customize to your needs and adapt this if you want. You might find we discover an unnoticed oversight that you couldn’t find any other way other than to participate in the entire process.
  • Q: I don’t like “package deals,” because I like to see all the services line-itemized.
  • A: There are huge savings this way! By offering an all-in-one package deal solution, we can change focus each month if you need it and have the latitude to shift when the market requires it. Essentially, when we are on retainer, we are “on-call” for you and don’t charge you more until you grow considerably and require more hours from the agency that far exceed what we are charging you currently. We can cross that bridge when we get to it and by then you are going to be more than satisfied with the services.
  • Q: I am a do-it-yourselfer, and I want to stay involved in the minutiae.
  • A: We can accommodate you and leverage efforts. Even our business center dashboard is an online portal to access our work where you can do many things yourself if you want. However, I don’t recommend it. The main value here is that we help you focus on the 80/20 and focus-finder advantage. Translation: do what you are good at that you enjoy and let us handle the rest. Finally, if you really insist on doing it yourself, you can switch to consulting-only at any time.
  • Q: I want to do as little as possible because I have no time!
  • A: No problem! We have a total hands-off version of the program. We can extract information from your other team members, as well as our own research. We study your competition to find opportunities. We are self-starters.
  • Q: How do we know if this is working?
  • A: Analytics, ad tracking, and various tools will give us all the numbers we need. We will work with your office to determine the results and the ROI. Although we can’t make any promises and we can’t guarantee that you will become rich (or make any money at all), results typically take 90 days to see in some cases, but your phones should start to ring relatively quickly. All of this is based on your business, marketing situation, and work ethic. We don’t have a crystal ball. If you have a doubt, you can cut out.
  • Q: You can’t guarantee results?
  • A: We can! …but it depends on your definition. There is the reality to contend with here and we don’t know your business at this point. However, we can guarantee that we have excellent communication, great response time, and finish projects on time. We guarantee to bring you the best in marketing strategy. We also do not work with any of your competitors and therefore ask that you do not work with ours. That’s also why this is a no-risk offer and solution. All of our clients make considerably more in additional revenue than they pay me for services.
  • Q: I don’t like social media, videos, etc.
  • A: We offer a unique version of intent-based branding, a system for social media that we can do without you (if we must). You don’t have to on social media all day, or at all. You can make money with social media even if you don’t like it and don’t want to get sucked into the consumer side. I don’t like the consumer side either, but I do enjoy making money from it.

So if you are ready to hire the “lowly marketing assistant that made his boss an extra 4 Million bucks in one year, then fill out the form on my website below.

There is another catch!

Time is of the essence. No, this isn’t a false sense of scarcity. Things really are changing right now in the economy. Companies that aren’t able to pivot are losing ground and are at risk of being completely wiped out.

I am going to have to raise the prices on this after all this craziness pans out. I also only have room for a few clients since I am personally involved. I can’t take very many, so it is first-come, first-serve.

Again, if you are unsure at any time, or if you don’t like the way we work, you have a full 30 days to get a full refund. After that time, you can also simply quit. All you need to do is shoot an email to me or my time and we won’t charge you again so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So go here to fill out the form and apply for a strategy session and we’ll find a time to help you and your business.


Jesse Stoddard
The Stoddard Agency

P.S. You are getting my Small Business Strategic Stimulus Package, which includes strategy consulting from yours truly, a customized marketing strategy, and my Digital Marketing Agency Services at an average of 78% off the normal valued price, and it’s all month-to-month. You can cancel at any time and if you are not happy, or for any reason whatsoever want a refund in the first 30 days, I will send you your money back without any hassle whatsoever. Apply today.

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