Seller Leads For Real Estate Brokers

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High Quality Targeted Real Estate Seller Leads

Real estate sales teams love us because we generate hundreds of leads per month and multiple sales.

We help you streamline text and email marketing automation to filter for quality leads, which saves you immense amounts of time, energy, and money.

Standard seller acquisitions are $200 to $600—with sustainability.

The result?

Our average client gets a 10X return on their investment.

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  • Starting package delivers an average of 150 leads per month like clockwork
  • Better targeting and better ROI than most—iif not all—purchased prospects on the market
  • We only work with one Real Estate Broker per area
  • We DON'T sell your leads to multiple agents
  • We have a fair monthly retainer fee which includes your ad costs, including data, lists, targeting, labor, and our consulting included (total cost per lead to brokers maintained at approximately $20 to $30)
  • We can do multi-channel marketing. Our current best results recently are Facebook
  • We do all the management, offer a free CRM account, using FollowUpBoss, and we provide scripts, emails, text messages, all to tee up the lead for you
  • We continually optimize, test and improve the ads and the funnel

Case Study #1

  • Proof of Ad Performance at $16.90 Per Lead, before targeting and labor costs.
  • Average Seller Leads Nationwide = $14 per ad spend on Facebook (and we can keep the average total cost to you at roughly $20 to $25)
  • In this campaign, 8 Seller Leads Generated and 1 Sale for $135 Ad Spend
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Case Study #2

  • Proof of ad performance at $5.78 Per Ad Spend Lead in Facebook
  • This advertisement generated a $515,000 Listing in the First 8 Leads for $31, resulting in a $12,875 commission to our realtor
  • All in less than 2 days
  • Leads like this convert 5-10% to contract first 6 weeks
real estate seller leads for brokers 2

Case Study #3

  • Case Study Ohio: 137 leads at 4-8% appointments in less than 6 weeks.
  • The first 48 leads generated 8 opportunities: 3 seller appointments, 3 tentative seller appointments, 1 seller referral lead from out of state, 1 buyer referral lead from out of state.
  • The projected ROI is expected to exceed 5 plus transactions in first 2 months.
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Want to get exclusive leads in your area?