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When you started your home services business, you had a strong desire to make your own rules. You broke away from working for someone else so that you could work the hours you wanted. You decided that you would spend time with your family when you wanted. You found that you were good at a specific trade and knew that you could find great benefit in working as a contractor in your chosen field.

You started your home services business to help people the way you knew was appropriate. Now you’ve done well, and your trade business is successful. You have employees you trust and customers with whom you formed strong relationships. You are known in the community for work well done with honesty, and you’ve grown extensively since the day you started.

When you started your business, you may have envisioned an outcome where your employees run a great portion of it. You probably dreamed that you would eventually make enough money to take time for yourself, go on multiple vacations, and the business would run itself. You wanted a self-managing company, but you still feel that the company often runs you.

What does a “successful” business mean? Your home services business is successful because (sometimes) you have customers booked until the end of the month. But this is not the successful image you pictured. You are busy, the phone rings, you work late and on weekends, spend more time training employees than you want, and you can’t remember the last time you had a day off! You want the business to expand and have more customers, but you are too busy working to do what you need to do to move it forward. In other words, you are stuck in a busy business, and you are putting forth an enormous amount of effort.

Something needs to change. Some things are either happening or not happening that you can not see or you may not know where the focus needs to be. Most likely it is due to your sales and marketing process (or lack thereof).

There is just more to advertising than you are aware of and you need assistance. Even the greatest managers require an alliance (with specialized knowledge), and expertise to contour the business successfully.

The largest challenge most business owners have is understanding how to market their business for growth. You may have given some money to a marketing company and said, “Sure, throw up a few ads on the Internet.” Without knowing how much to spend on advertising you are throwing darts in the dark with a blindfold on after having been spun around a few times.Struggling to figure out hy and how you are spending the money is what is holding you back. If you are sending money to a marketing agency but you’re not quite sure what they do, then you need to know.

You spent plenty of time learning how to become a master at your business. However, being in business means marketing your business. You are not just a plumbing contractor, appliance repair technician, or a house cleaner. You are a marketer of those trades.

How do you run a business and learn the entire scope of marketing, which now includes digital marketing, because if you are not on the internet, you might as well not exist? There is a way to understand how it all works because a lot of your competition is doing it. They didn’t go to school for marketing, but they expanded because they took a very different approach. They asked for help first.

You may not even know that the help and solutions are easily obtained with the right help if you own a home or trade business and need to grow. It’s not going to happen overnight, but when you see marketing with a greater understanding, you will see the success.

Who do you ask for help when you want to grow your business using marketing techniques mastered by the fastest-growing businesses with the greatest financial growth?

Home services contractors rely on a Fractional CMO (Fractional Chief Marketing Officer) to easily amplify the business, increase customers and collect a larger return on investment than business owbers that go it alone. Why? Because Fractional CMO officers understand the complex marketing systems of the digital world, as well as the tried-and-true approaches of traditional marketing and advertising. Better yet, they can identify the approach you are using that isn’t working and make it work right for you.Jesse Stoddard, Fractional CMO has the solutions you need to Scale a Home Services Business into a Multi-State Powerhouse.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for your marketing outcomes. A great fractional CMO will determine your goals and what has worked so far and creates a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve those goals. This allows a whole host of other projects to get done while still meeting campaign objectives.

You continue to manage your team while your Fractional CMO handles your advertising the right way. A major benefit of hiring a Fractional CMO is that it gives you access to a top-level executive with years of experience and expertise who can help you achieve your goals for less than hiring a full-time manager.

What a Fractional CMO offers your home services trades contractor business.

Jesse Stoddard, Fractional CMO, is a professional entrepreneur with enthusiasm for helping people. His expertise in marketing is an ever-growing hub of knowledge that brings every business he encounters into a better, more successful operation. Even if you receive a tiny bit of information from the Stoddard Agency educational materials, a single insight can move mountains for your business. Jesse often quotes American businessman W. Clement Stone, who said, “Big doors swing on little hinges.”

There is a mountain of free information at that will turn your situation around quickly before you need to ask for more. However, there is no substitute for working directly with a professional.

These are just a few benefits you will learn from Jesse, plus what you get with a Fractional CMO:

  • Maximum results in little time – Understand why you have not seen marketing results in the past and learn how you can change that now. See the progress you’ve been waiting for in less time.
  • Marketing leader for your team – Leave it to your Fractional CMO to lead your team to win and help them become more effective.
  • Focus your team – Acquire the techniques that keep your team motivated, responsible, and have the desire to take action.
  • Achieve your outcome goals with confidence – You will learn a unique formula that will get you many prospects, fast!
  • Stop wasting time, and ad spend on campaigns that aren’t converting – Know what the right marketing strategy is for your business. Use a customizable strategy tailored for you.
  • Hold your marketing agencies accountable – Don’t send money to people and then wait for results. Your Fractional CMO will make sure your marketing agencies are doing their job and achieving results. Save money, and make better decisions when it comes to marketing.

You absolutely can have the home services and trade services business that you imagined when you started. Ask for help anytime because the information is available to you. You only have to know that it is there.

Get the marketing leadership, strategy, and scalability you need with a Fractional CMO.

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