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5 Tips for Launching a New Website and Avoiding Common Mistakes

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Launching a new website is scary. You’ve probably worked hard to create useful, compelling and original content, but how do you get customers to see it? This article will walk you through 5 tips for launching a new business website and avoiding common mistakes that I’ve made along the way.

new website google analytics

1.) Set Up Google Analytics

First things first: if you haven't already, get your Google Analytics account set up. Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools for measuring user behavior, but it's not complicated to use. It's free, easy to install, and will give you some really useful insight into how people are using your site.

new website SEO

2.) Plan for SEO from the beginning.

Before you jump into building your website, you must consider making sure your site is set up for success in search engine optimization (SEO). A poorly built website can be detrimental to user experience and SEO potential. This means taking some extra time by thinking through your long-term plan for SEO from the beginning of your website creation process can help ensure a more successful launch.

new website mobile view

3.) Design your site mobile-first.

Android and iPhone’s continue to dominate the market. Businesses are being forced to look at responsive design or “mobile-friendly” websites. When people view your website on their phones, you need to make sure it is easy to use and appropriate for those devices. Mobile-friendly websites tend to perform better because they rank higher on search engines.

new website templates

4.) Create key templates for your site, preferably in a modular fashion

Creating a website can be tricky and time-consuming, no matter your budget. But with so many different templates, doing it yourself can also be challenging. So one of the best options is to create your website using a framework or other prebuilt foundation. Doing so will give you the ability to choose what you want and save you precious time getting up and running with your new endeavor.

new website email

5.) Don’t forget about email!

Your business is finally up and running. You have your new website up, and the phone is ringing with people interested in what you had to say. I know there are still many things to do, but now it’s time to start thinking about email capturing. I’m a big fan of using an email capture pop-up when a visitor comes to a website. Instead of going through the pain of having to create an email list from scratch, which can be pretty time-consuming, why not pull in information from people who are already looking for your services?

In this article, we discussed five tips to ensure that you have a successful website launch. Launching a new website can be exciting—but it also brings fear and trepidation. The good news is that avoiding common mistakes and hiring a digital marketing agency will help you launch a successful website. At Stoddard Agency, we make sure the site is already live before release, conduct usability testing if applicable, and consider the search engine optimization from day one. Our New Business Special digital marketing package is perfect for new businesses and start-ups. Contact us to learn more.

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