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In Market Leads for Real Estate Business

A system that can actually figure out who's going to buy from you before they even know they're gonna buy.

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What if there’s a way you can predict who’s ready to be your client? What marketing strategies you could use for your real estate business to become omnipresent so when they do need your service, they come to you first? What is an In-Market Lead?

You can have a system that can actually figure out who’s going to buy from you before they even know they are going to buy. This may sound like a good plot for the next sci-fi movie, but with the fast advancement of technology, this is all possible using machine learning and big data. Yes, we are in the future, NOW.

Hey guys, I want to talk to you today about my new InMarket Leads Program. Now I’ve had a lot of questions about this and today I’m just going to go to a really high level, give you an idea of what is it?

What is InMarket Lead Generation?

InMarket generates leads that are actually in the market for what you sell, service or product in your business vertical. Now that’s already a tall promise. How do you get that? How do you find that? Well, obviously somebody contacts you and on your website through a form or a phone call, they’re In Market. Unless it’s a salesperson trying to sell you an ad or a digital marketing company like me trying to sell you services, They’re in the market for what you have. But that’s a tiny fraction of the overall potential market.

The people that actually contact you, those are not even the needles in the haystack. That’s like the one needle out of the group of needles that just so happened to stumble into your marketing funnel and hit your website and contact you. What about all the other needles that are perfectly good that would contact you if they had the opportunity, and then what about the haystack that might potentially turn into a needle? So here’s what they can do now that’s going to blow your mind. There’s a way to find the needles in the haystack and market to them before your competitors. Faster and better than your competitors do with more relevancy, delivering content that is desirable to that target prospect or client or a lead, and to build your brand with intent based branding to that specific person who’s In Market. If anybody follows Frank Kern, he’s in the intent based branding.

Machine Learning and Big Data and How They Are Changing the World

I’m talking about that and to another level, which is not only are you working on your message, your deliverable, which is your content, which is building goodwill in the marketplace, but you are also doing it to a particular list of people that are technically in the market for what you sell. How do you do that? Well, the technology that’s available, there are big companies that have data, we call it big data, and by the way, if you don’t think this is changing the world, machine learning big data, there’s more change in this happening than ever in the history of mankind. And one example would be sensors. And all sensors are, they’re collecting, they’re something that collects data, right?

So for example, some of the new refrigerators are collecting data about what’s in your fridge and what you need to go buy. Microwave ovens and, all the appliances in your kitchen are going to have sensors pretty soon. There’s gonna be robots running half of your house, to home security systems. Offices going to have all kinds of digital and machines that are gathering data and it’s growing at an exponential rate. And the computers now are creating new computers. So it’s not a change at an additional level, it’s changing a multiplication level. We’re talking stuff that is getting so smart that we can’t even keep up with it. This is the future. Now, if they can basically design a driverless car, which they’ve done, surely it was only a matter of time before they came up with a learning marketing system.

Learning Marketing System: The Future is Here

A marketing system. They get smarter and smarter. Well, we’re there now. It’s today and it’s the future. A system that can actually figure out who’s going to buy from you before they even know they’re gonna buy. I know that’s a tall promise. You might go, what? How’s that possible? Well, think about it. We have the technology now and I’ve got a license that can access to some big data along with partnering with a machine learning software development that can basically take data and figure out who’s going to buy from you. Now that’s high level. Now here’s another analogy or another story that will help you understand. There was a company called Target a few years ago. You might’ve heard of Target, and this was a while back. It was in the news and it’s simply an illustration for what I’m talking about. And Target for years has their loyalty cards and all, most retailers are using these cards now, but they had the cards where they were tracking buyer behavior. They were one of the first to do this.

They track a lot of buyer behavior and they found that when women were going to have a baby, they tended to buy certain things leading up to having a baby and then purchases for the baby. And they found that statistical significance could be found with certain buyer behavior. And what they did is they took that and they create catalogs that were customized for their for their clientele. So in other words, they would send an entirely customized catalog print to certain people. And they tested it, I think first with women that they thought would become pregnant or were already pregnant and on their way to having a baby. And so they sent this catalog to this teenage girl, which had all of this prenatal kind of stuff in it, and dad gets a hold of this catalog and goes, “What? Are you guys trying to influence my teenage daughter and trying to get her to become pregnant?

What are you doing?” He goes to his local Target store and he complains to the manager. The manager says, “I’m sorry”. It’s a big deal, it’s in the news. But then later dad goes back and he realizes, wait a minute, my daughter is pregnant. I didn’t even know about it. He goes back to the manager and apologizes. They didn’t even have a clue. Target didn’t do anything wrong in their marketing. He just didn’t know. And so here’s a case in point. Target knew that his daughter was pregnant before he knew, based on her buying behavior. Now that is just a tip of the iceberg, drop in the bucket. It goes way beyond that. Now, that was years ago. Now, big companies have been taking advantage of the data that’s out there online, through things like cookies on browsers and a buying behavior when people go through and make a purchase.

So they’re real people, you know, like they used a credit card and they went, they went on the other side of a firewall that purchased something. We know they’re not a robot, they’re not a bot or a human being. And we can record everything that that person is doing. Now, currently, the system that I’m involved in, for example, and there’s a few that are played in this game, not very many. This is very early. It’s the wave of the future though. We’re analyzing 250 plus Americans every day and it’s something like 5 billion pieces of data. And taking all that data and applying it to specific verticals. Now I specialize in the personal injury attorney vertical. There are other verticals I can get this data for others – mortgage, real estate. But my license covers a certain amount and a certain focus.

Now, if you were to go out and do this on your own, you could, but you’d probably spend $30 grand a month or more in order to do this and that’s why it’s, usually just been the big companies that can take advantage of this. But it’s coming down. There are a few agencies like myself that can bring it down to the small business level. It’s kind of like a coop and through our ability as agencies, it’s just an early adopter type of program. And the other thing is that there’s a license and we can claim territories for a certain vertical and I can get a zip code or region for an attorney, for example. And no one else can get that no other attorney could get that. So that’s an advantage. Early adopter advantage. So that’s what I’m trying to bring.

So now to take it a step further, when we know who signs up to be your client or purchases a product or service from you, we can take that information and feed it back to the machine and say, “I want you to look at all of the buyers and build a buyer’s profile”, which is all of the information about what that buyer did beforehand. So what led up to the sale? What, websites do they visit? What videos did they watch? What URLs, what social media did they go through, what content did they consume, etc. And I want you to look for patterns and the machines do this now. So for example, at first let’s say somebody is into rock climbing and then they sign up for they sign on with a personal injury attorney.

We’ll first the machine’s going to look at that and go, maybe it’s relevant, maybe it’s not, we’re gonna record it and we’re going to look. But if the next person who comes in and sIgns on isn’t into rock climbing, now it may not be statistically significant, but it might be and then over time there’s fewer and fewer have that, so that particular factor lowers down to next to zero and other factors that are gonna raise up. Maybe they all visit certain websites. They are doing certain searches in a certain order and they happened to be a certain demographic or location or age and now all of a sudden we realize these ones are more likely and pretty soon it gets so accurate over billions of pieces of data and data points that we can determine this is the buyer behavior.

This is the profile of the person and there’s a high likelihood they’re going to be the one. And what we do is we then track that and we advertise to that and we split test ads and do all the good marketing practices there. Because that’s a whole another art and science and figuring out what gets them to respond. And we determine, these are the words, these are the pictures or the videos and this is what gets that person respond fast and since we’re responding before anybody else in the market, we have first to market advantage. We’re driving our cost per click down and in the online advertising because Google and Facebook are relevancy engines, which means they liked to show ads that people tend to click on. They’re going to get you a better cost and that drives the cost lower increases the click-through rate, and also then lowers your customer acquisition costs in the long term.

Then we find out, this is what we think will happen. Here are the leads. Which ones of those buy put it right back in the machine and it starts over, so we analyze the data, we follow through, we try to promote to them, we sell to them, the ones that sell to go back in the machine, and that’s a closed loop. Continuous learning system. This is the future. If you’re not doing this, you’re already behind. Now, if you can do this, what can you do? You can be top of mind, which is always the goal you can get them to know, like, and trust you faster. You can show your ads more often to them, to the right people, not to everybody, lowering your costs, being more efficient, even if all your purpose is to lower costs and not increase your revenue. You’ve already won.

InMarket Leads With Intent-Based Branding For The Win

If you want to increase revenue and you’re in front of more of the right type of buyer before anybody else can get in front of you. Something like short sales cycle like a personal injury attorney. If that event occurs, you need to be there. This is the way to do that. Now, if you combine this with intent based branding where you’re giving them high-quality content that they want and maybe you’ve done that with the people that are even earlier in the buying cycle and you’ve even want even on a higher level than the competitor doesn’t even know exists to compete at. Now, can you use this in Google Adwords and Facebook? Yes, but you’re not beholden to them. You’re no longer beholden to any particular media or any particular vehicle of advertising.

You can take this offline, you can use it for direct mail, outbound call. You could use it through Instagram, any social, you could use this data because we own and control the data together. Instead of Google owning their data or Facebook owning the data, we can take this data and we can use it for anything else we want. If a platform pisses us off because they’re raising prices or doing something funny with their rules and that’s going to happen, this is going to happen sooner rather than later on Google and Facebook. They love to control the rules, have changed them at a moment’s notice without telling you, well then you can take and move your business elsewhere. You control it. You stop paying Google for their targeting and you only pay for placement on their ad platform, which is cheaper than when you got to pay for it all.

I’m excited about this. That’s a little bit about what InMarket leads are. They’re leads that are in the market. There’s actually in the market for what you sell and if you can get in front of them, you’ve got an advantage that no competitor can ever compete. You can’t ever come close to, and in addition to that, if once you start doing this, you not only have that initial advantage but once you began doing it, you make it harder for new businesses to jump in and try to compete with you. You raise the barrier to entry for a new attorney or a new business to come into your space because they’re going to look at you and “go, these guys dominate so hard, it’s going to be way more expensive for me to even compete”. And those other guys that are just doing old fashioned Adwords, their cost is going up because you’re getting all the good leads and so you’re eliminating.

So much of the things that compete for your profits,. Things that compete for your profits are your competition. You’ve got a barrier, a threat to entry, new competition,. You’ve got powerful buyers, buyers know they have a lot of choices. And so you’re now in front of them and you’re convincing them that you’re the right choice early and more often, and you also have the powerful providers or publishers or in this case the, the media themselves. Which is like Google and Facebook, they’re powerful, they control most businesses because they’re the ones who with all the money. Great business to start. Well, this is a way to take back a little bit of that control. So you’re eliminating those to your profit. I’m excited and I’m going to do some more talking on this subject.

So hopefully you got a little bit out of that. I educated you on Inmarket leads, a little bit about big data and machine learning. Start looking up machine learning and big data and marketing and see all of the new trends there. It’s very exciting. And if you’re interested to learn more, feel free to contact me, send me a question. Wherever you’re hearing this broadcast, send me a question, I’d love to answer it for you, see if we can dig in for you there. And if you want my help with doing this, all you got to do is contact us, and there’s a free business evaluation and it was just a little form that you fill out. Let me know that you’re a qualified business and we’ll help you out. Thanks. Have a great day guys.

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