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Opportunities and Companies Positioned to Benefit During Lockdown

Companies Benefit During Lockdown

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If you’re a larger to mid-sized company and would like to position yourself during COVID-19 lockdown. I have gathered information from some trustworthy sources that will help you out! Behavioral targeting is a powerful method as it can actually find out exactly who is in the market for what you sell, and who’s ready to buy now. 

During these uncertain times, having a good understanding of behavioral targeting will be crucial in keeping your business standing strong. The news I am about to share with you is exciting and positive because there is an opportunity for businesses to pivot.

All news is sourced from IBISWorld. Let’s get right into it.

Consumer Information

Americans, as we know them, like to have things and do things. We like to live our lives freely, simply put. While the order of social distancing is in place, here are some anticipations about consumer spending, according to IBISWorld:

  • Consumer spending will increase by 1.8% in 2020 as people continue to shop online for necessities. 
  • There’s a 25.1% decrease in consumer confidence.  
Logistics are companies positioned to benefit during lockdown.

As for the industries that will be benefitting the most during this time:

  • Food and grocery delivery (i.e. GrubHub, Postmates, Instacart, UberEats, Amazon Fresh…).  
  • Services revolving around home entertainment communication (i.e. Zoom, Skype…).
  • Home exercise equipment. 
  • Entertainment subscriptions (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO…). 
  • Household disinfectants. 
  • Canned goods. 
  • Toilet paper manufacturers. 

Industry impacts of social distancing:

  • Concert and event promotions went down 0.9% and are predicted to go down further. 
  • Wedding services are down 1.9% (however, bridal stores have seen an increase of 0.1%). 

2020 Investment Banking Law Landscape

There are some good news, mergers and acquisitions! According to IBISWorld, when the dust settles, mergers and acquisition activity will likely pick up given lower valuations and thus, there will be market opportunities. 

From a buyer’s perspective, acquisition targets have become more attractive in light of a substantial decline in capital market value. In other words, anytime there is a decrease in the market, you will find opportunities as a contrarian investor. 

This holds true for private companies as well, given their benchmarking to comparable public companies. 

Fees from mergers and acquisitions and related activities are estimated to account for 14% of industry revenue in 2020. 

The economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic is expected to have mixed effects on mergers and acquisition activity through the end of the year:

  • Volatile capital markets will hinder activity, but there’s going to deal when it settles. 
  • With the increasing risk of recession, PR perspective acquires are also likely to shelve growth through acquisition strategies for more defensive measures given a greater likelihood of weaker balance sheets due to these circumstances. 
  • The investment banking industry may experience an uptick in advisory fees related to restructurings and risk management. 
  • The expected uptick in mergers and acquisitions and restructuring activity will likely sustain investment banking industry revenue over the coming years. 

How Your Company Can Benefit During COVID-19 Lockdown

Look at all the brands and industries that are currently benefitting the most from COVID-19 in the list above. Think about all the satellites that surround these companies:

  • Who are their suppliers?
  • Who are the beneficial B2B companies that support those companies? 
  • Which major brands support these companies? 
  • Who are the preppers? 

As a large to mid-sized company, you’re going to want to cater to these businesses during this time. There is an opportunity pocket regardless of what your business’ industry is. 

Data That Will Help Improve Your Sales Channels and Marketing Efficiency

  • I’m a partner with, and I highly suggest that you check them out. They are excellent at identifying your prospect’s name in your buyer’s journey. 
  • Bombora – They are an IP company that shows buyer intent. 

Take Action Now!

COVID-19 may be a challenging time for many businesses, but by thinking creatively and positively, you can find opportunity pockets everywhere. Soon, we will bounce back up, but in the meantime, I hope the information that I found was useful for you. 

Be sure to utilize for tracking your company’s data. If you have any questions about, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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