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Attorney Marketing SEO

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Welcome Friends to Stoddard Agency’s blog about Local SEO Fundamentals for Attorney Marketing. Today I will explain Google My Business’s location page and the general aspects of attorney SEO. 

These blogs all fall under an essential idea about how Identity Resolution is transforming the way attorneys generate cases for their firm.

Before doing anything else on your website, setting up SEO is your priority. Setting up your Google My Business SEO will optimize your website’s performance.

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Google My Business Profile

Ensure There Are No Duplicate Google My Business Profiles

Sometimes Google already claimed your business. There will be a button for you to claim your business if that has occurred. You are just making sure the business is yours and the information is accurate. 

Ensure Listing is 100% Complete.

Enter the Correct Name, Address, Phone Number, and Landing Page URL.

Sometimes businesses (often law firms) may have different descriptions under their name. The information has to be dialed in perfectly. These things tend to change over time. You may change a location, add a location, or change your phone number. Just make sure to update it all.

At times Attorneys will have different titles after their names such as PLLC, or, maybe the name is listed alone. These subtle titles and names need to be the same because a computer or Google will list them separately. Keep it consistent.

Look for Google Change of Address Post Card in your physical mailbox.

If you change your physical address in Google My Business, Google sends you a postcard in the mail to verify the change. The postcard can be mistaken as junk mail and may get thrown away. It is very important to receive that postcard and verify the change of address. If this postcard is thrown away, you are throwing away money. If you change your address, be sure to look for the postcard. Verifying your address, after you have changed it is critical to your SEO success.

Be sure your website address is correct. Your website address needs to be listed the same everywhere.

Select Correct Categories (The difference between categories and services)

You want to repeat keywords, but get more specific. There are only so many categories to use and they are listed for you. You can get much more creative with services and subcategories.

Be sure to utilize Services.

Services can have all the other keywords that you want. These keywords are the specific things you can drill down into. Use all the different keywords you know people are looking for when searching. You can list all of the special services that you want to highlight.

Hours, Services, Business Description, and More

Add all of your amenities. An example is perhaps your business provides wheelchair access. You can add anything that highlights the special elements of your business.

Upload at least 20 photos to Google My Business and optimize photos

Photos show up in searches and the stats are provided. Stats will tell you who is looking at the photo and where they saw the photo. 

Alter the photo’s caption with your keywords. Optimize means your photo is a standard size, or smaller than something that takes too long or is too big to upload. 

Want to find more information on Attorney Marketing SEO?

Feel free to view this blog’s complimentary YouTube video.

Attorney SEO Part 1a: Local Law Firm Marketing SEO Fundamentals; start with Google My Business

These have been a few tips for your Attorney SEO. Please feel free to call me at (206) 880-0913 or send an email if you have any questions at Stoddard Agency.
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