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The 5 M’s for Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The 5 M’s Marketing Machine Method will give your law firm the marketing strategies that provide results without you losing your integrity.

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Looking for new law firm marketing strategies without using tactics that might be pushing your prospects away instead of attracting them? The 5 M’s Marketing Machine Method will give your law firm the marketing strategies that provide results without you losing integrity. Watch the Youtube video to find out how.

Marketing Strategies for Law Firms
5 M’s Marketing Strategies for your Law Firm

Jesse Stoddard here, excited to tell you about a new book that I am writing that will be available soon. It’s for personal injury attorneys who want to learn how to grow their practice ethically using effective powerful marketing strategies. I am specifically writing this for a certain kind of attorney or law firm. There are attorneys out there that are better than others. I think that there are some that have more integrity and have ethical and moral constraints that they follow for themselves. I believe that there are attorneys that do care about their clients. I’ve worked with some of them, and I know that they’re out there.

If you believe you’re the best attorney in terms of work ethic, integrity, and also get your clients’ results, then you qualify for this book. I think that it’s going to help those that are ready mostly. They understand the law and how to build a long-term business in terms of quality.

Maybe as you’ve noticed, the best attorneys aren’t always the richest. The best attorneys aren’t the ones with the most clients. As we know, it’s the best marketing attorney. There are many loud ones out there spending a lot of money saying a lot of crazy stuff to get a client. What if you don’t want to have to be like them, but you also want to grow your business. So sometimes there’s a little conundrum. I want to warn you against listening to marketing gurus from the legal industry. There’s a lot of good ones, no offense to the advice that they’re giving. There’s a lot of great people out there, but many times they’re stuck in the ways of the legal industry. I think you’re better off listening to somebody outside of the industry.

The Best Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Some of the best marketing ideas and tactics come from other industries that you can borrow and adapt to your own. Often, if you’re in your world all day long, you have different reasons for doing what you do. You might not even be aware of them and you are doing your marketing in a way that is helping you look good in front of other attorneys. You might be a little worried about ruffling feathers and feel like you have to look good at the association meetings.

But none of that matters. What matters is how you look in front of your clients. I’m going to provide you something that I’m excited about. Today I’m going to talk about one little element that’s going to be in the book, just one short chapter is called the 5 M’s Marketing Machine Method. It’s is for somebody that wants to go from a helter-skelter plan all the way to a marketing machine. So if you’re going to build a marketing machine, you need the 5 M’s.

The first M is Market, the second M is Message, the third M is Map, the fourth M is Media, and the fifth M is Measure. I’m pretty proud of this. I came up with this after a lot of work, and I had all these different strategies and mind maps and finally realize there’s 5 M’s here. So this is the patented Jesse Stoddard Stoddard Agency Marketing Plan for success. In the book, I’m going to go through all of these in detail.

5 M’s for Law Firm Marketing

1. Market

There are 7 secrets to having the right market identified. Everything from checking out the current evidence that is out there to determine what’s working and what the market is demanding or if there is potential demand. Find out the sub-niches and subcultures within the group of people that would be most likely to want to hire a lawyer.

The obvious things like the demographics and the psychographics, that’s not good enough nowadays, but that’s a start, testing your assumptions. Looking at people that are actually in market data. There’s also the Avatar or ideal target market profile you can build. Then there’s assessing that progress, and there’s a system that I have outlined in there that you can do every quarter. You can even have people on your team help you out with it, or even outsource if you need to. But you didn’t have to be aware of these things so that you are in charge of the overall operation and master this

2. Message

So in the message, there is knowing how to say and what to say so that that particular market you’re targeting is going to be interested in what you have to say. Are you calling out to them and them only in a way that they’re going to receive you apart from the competition?

3. MAP

Stands for Marketing Automation Plan. I believe that every business, especially in law firm needs some marketing automation plan because you have holes in your bucket. Some leads and prospects are leaking. Some clients used to be in your system that is not sending you the referrals they ought to. They would if you would only follow up properly at the right timing and in the right way with the right message. You can’t be all things to all people in all places to all people, but with the use of technology, you pretty much can. Also, you want to add a personal touch to that. So I show you how to have a marketing automation plan that’s still has a personal touch.

4. Media

The media, we talk about media a lot. Usually what you are sold every day is media. It might be disguised as something else, but it’s media. You have a Sales Rep from a marketing company and agency SEO firm, website development. Those are the big ones that are hitting the lawyers. You probably have five messages today, asking you to hire me to do something for you. We’re better than the other guys and gals. So what’s important is understanding that marketing media is actually like investing. Most financial planners recommend diversification. We do the same thing with my clients.  Also bucketing, which is similar to investing, bucketing specific dollars to certain things so that you can find your target market and appeal to them from all angles often simultaneously.

It’s called omnipresence. It’s when you show up not to everybody, but not blasting out there like the Superbowl commercial and wasting all your money. You’re showing up everywhere to the right target market at the right time. We talk about that as well. You’re building an asset. It’s important to look at it as a marketing asset, not an expenditure, not a quick fix to a problem of lead generation, but a long-term asset.  You put in a dollar, you get out of a dollar and ten, and that’s all real business. All it does is taking your investment capital and multiplying it. So, you’re putting on $1, and you’re getting out $1.5 $2, and $10. By the way, I have some ideas to help you 7,8, and 10X that investment and think it’s 7 or 8 times right now.

5. Measure

You’ve got to measure everything. It’s is the only way that you know it’s working. It always amazes me how many attorneys are measuring their results. You need a closed-loop system. We talk about accountability with all of the media and to all your marketing channels. All your strategies have to have accountability. The next one is attribution and analytics. So this is the technical term you hear on the digital marketing side. It’s just a fancy term to explain accountability because we want to attribute a sale or in our case an accepted client,  assigned client to a marketing channel. It’s very tricky nowadays. There are many tools, and there are many methods. I don’t know if any of them were foolproof yet.

Technology is getting better all the time, but you’d have to have some system that’ll help you to attribute where the leads are coming from.  Then analytics, and here’s something that I want you to remember about this in general. Always consider the big picture if you have to make big decisions. So when you’re thinking about how do I want to grow my firm, how do I want to execute my marketing plan and my strategy correctly? Think the 5 M’s, Market, Message, MAP, Media, Measure. Think of this as the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish as it relates to your goals in your business and your firm.

Check out my book. I’m going to have this up pretty soon. Keep an eye out for it. Make sure that you subscribe to my channels for more law firm marketing strategies and like all my stuff so that you keep seeing it and you’ll get those updates. You can also send me an email or send us an email at  or visit Stoddard Agency if you want to make sure you’re on the early bird list. I will be offering this at a discount at first when it first rolls out. So thank you again. Those are the 5 M’S for Law Firm Marketing, and they are going to be only one chapter in a book that you’re going to be excited about.

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