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(More!) Good News For Business During Lockdown Mode

Good News for Businesses During Lockdown

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Welcome to my good news blog. I’m Jesse Stoddard at Stoddard Agency Law Firm Marketing and I have some good news about the business that you can take advantage of right now that we are still in lock-down mode. Today I’m going to talk about the following that will help you pivot your business and give you some tips for staying positive and keeping your business alive and well.

  • Employee Retention Credit
  • New COVID-19 Emergence Technology
  • Effective and ineffective ad campaigns

Before you do anything, you need to get leads. Please see my FREE report at for more information about getting leads first. Learn how you will benefit from advanced targeting in advertising with get leads

I’d like to quickly mention the IRS Employee Retention Credit option available for businesses financially impacted by COVID-19. 

Loans for Businesses During Lockdown
  • Small business loans are on the rise, and there are a ton of ways to keep you afloat.
  • Small loans for payroll are available.
  • Grants are available.
  • See articles on financial relief due to COVID-19

You may not be interested in loans because you have to pay them back, but be sure to check out all of your options at

If you have a business that can’t currently pivot, but you actually can do so and may not be sure how. I recommend you check out these ideas that can help.

  • There is a new tax credit plan available to provide 50% of the payroll costs up to $10,000 in wages paid by the business who’s been financially impacted by COVID-19.
  • Learn more at America’s SBDC for articles about financial relief for businesses. 

There is a bunch of negative media bombardment about business. Still, there are also very positive ways to deal with any financial situations, including advertising and different ways to pivot your business to success. 

A positive attitude is key, and regardless of politics, the right mental state will help us all bounce back faster!

Positive articles and excellent data from emarketer 

(Marketing data and research site where I get my resources) concerning the current marketing trends can be taken advantage of now!

  1. Emerging technologies get traction during the pandemic. See this chart. The article covered that a Coronavirus research study concluded that adults, ages 16 – 64 are spending more time online.
  • Adults worldwide are spending more time on smartphones.
  • A Coronavirus research study concluded that adults, ages 16 – 64 yrs. Old are spending more time online.
  • Smartphones are the new television.
  • More people online means more people are looking at your business, which will drive up sales and leads.
  • This means you can pivot your business now.
  •  It is the best time to buy ads.
  • It is the best time to take advantage of social media.
  • If your business is small, social media allows growth.
  • If you have a bigger company, now is the time to move forward with social media because the prices for advertising are cheap.
  1.  Businesses are changing plans by pulling out of advertising, which means ads are cheaper than ever. Another article by emarketer says advertiser perceptions are affected by the Coronavirus. 
  • Some businesses fear the pandemic, so they stopped advertising.
  • Smart businesses are now getting lower rates to advertise.
  • The truth is that people saw an opportunity at the same time, businesses like you and I, who stayed positive, who looked for an opportunity, who pivoted, even within your existing market segment and included in your niche.

A great example for you is about a few of my clients who are law firms, which include criminal defense, personal injury attorneys, and estate planning. You can do a will right now, or you can do bankruptcy because people are going to be searching, people are looking at your content, you’re going to be booked solid. So if you can do some wills, probate and estate planning, people are scared. They need their will. If you have the ability to do a bankruptcy, they’re looking at it. If you are a law firm, now is the time to advertise.

  1. Effective, and Non-Effective, Ads during Coronavirus Outbreak

The media and the U S agency and marketing professionals have decreased budgets versus the media that retained or benefited from budget reallocation due to Coronavirus

  • 47% of display advertising has pulled out.
  • 13% increased their advertising budget.

Social media advertising includes the following plus so much more.

  • 6 – 8 minute videos are being watched by multitudes of people and cost only a penny.
  • TV advertising that only gives you 15 – 30 seconds of a commercial watched by almost no one costs thousands of dollars.

Can you imagine how many eyeballs you could get to expand your brand right now? Even if you’re on hiatus and you’re waiting, why don’t you have a waiting list for your products and services? Create waiting lists. Plant the seeds, prepare for when things can go back to normal so that you’re ready to beat the competitors to it.

I hope that helped you a little bit today. Just remember there’s always a silver lining. If you’re willing to pivot and, you’re still in business, especially if you are a larger business and you have a sales team, and they need leads, and you need to keep them fed, then you need to get to that lead first.

That’s why I have a little web page called get leads All you want to know is there in a video. You don’t even have to opt-in for anything. I put all the information on there about how we’re able to help you get in front of those leads first before your competitors do and to get those leads quickly. 

We’re revolutionizing, and by the way, I am a partner. I have a joint venture ship partner with So just full disclosure there, this is a partnership between myself and a friend of mine and another company, and we do the fulfillment. 

We run the actual campaigns, and the ads and those guys are the ones that specialize in the data, the behavioral targeting data.

I will help you get your leads for your business. Check out my FREE report and video to increase your business right now. Go to get leads You can call me at (206)-880-0913 or contact me right here. I am more than happy to help you get motivated and stay positive.

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